Monday’s Walk in the Word

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walk in the wordPsalm 103:8

The Lord is compassionate and gracious, slow to anger and abounding in love.

This week we are using this verse to focus on the attributes of God that tell us how we are to behave.  I need this verse more than my kids do at this point, I think, since I really need to focus on the gracious part as well as the slow to anger part.  It has still been too cold here to really do much outside, and we are so ready for spring and for the kids to spend an entire day outside!  This is the time of year that it gets really tough for me.  I’ve had the kids inside pretty much 24/7 since the beginning of November.  Six months is a loooooong time to be cooped up inside.  So, this is why I selected this verse for us to memorize this week!

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