How to Prioritize Tasks to Have More Time

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“How do you find time to get to the gym every day?” is one of the questions I’m most often asked. I think this is especially true when people learn that I also have 9 kids. Really the question people are asking is, “How do you prioritize your time?” “How do you prioritize your life?” or even, “What’s the secret to being able to prioritize your life and make time for what matters most?” If you’ve ever found yourself asking this question, you’re not alone. There are so many things pulling you in a million different directions. I feel it, too. But, making time for the things you really want really doesn’t have to sound too good to be true.

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First things first.

Here’s why you’ve never got time for doing the things you want

It’s kind of a dirty little secret, and there are 4 main things to blame.

exercise ideas moms

You accept a few things as truth when in fact, they are not

Simple put, there are a few things you’re going to have to accept.

Not everything is urgent

This is true even if it feels like everything is in fact, urgent. Others can place demands on you that also feel urgent, simply because they are urgent to that person.

But, not everything actually is urgent.

This means that some things will take priority while others will not, by default.

It’s ok to say no

Having enough time for the things that really matter to you means that you will have to say no to things sometimes. And, this might be a new concept to you, but it is so empowering!

You matter

It can be so easy to lose yourself in the hustle and bustle of life. Sometimes, you just need to be reminded of the fact that you do matter, too.

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You can’t do or be all for all people

This is so, true, isn’t it?

But what is also often true is that we can try to tell ourselves we can be all and do all for all people who need us.

The reality is – you can’t.

Alright, with these truths out of the way we can move on.

Here are 5 ways to prioritize your life & time so you have time for what matters 

how to prioritize tasks

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Write out your goals

It starts with knowing what’s truly important to you. And, it’s ok if a goal is a totally selfish sounding one.

For example, one of my goals is to get to the gym at least 5 days a week.

While this might sound like a selfish goal for a mom of 9, is it really?

When I get to the gym I’ve got more energy to keep up with what my family needs. I feel less stressed. I’ve got more patience,. Plus, my brain has a chance to reset.

When you look at it that way, getting to the gym really isn’t a selfish goal at all, is it?

I’m guessing the same thing could be true for you.

Your family and others in your life benefit when you actually prioritize what’s important to you.

how to prioritize your time

Write out your daily plan

In order to prioritize what matters, you have to make what matters a part of your life, nearly every day.

You have to actually make time for what matters to you in your daily plan.

And, if you’re feeling like you don’t have enough time, make sure you grab our worksheet to help you find more time every day HERE.

An hour is a lot of time for you to spend doing something that matters to you.

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Start with a shorter amount of time than you’d actually like

Start small. Adjusting to accommodate your priorities should be gradual. Otherwise, you’re likely to allow something or someone else into guilting you out of doing what matters to you.

Starting small will help you keep the guilt at bay, and it will put the odds in your favor of following through with the goals you created in the above step.

If you struggle with having enough time, grab our 4 step process to have an extra hour by clicking on it below!

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Write out 3 reasons why a prioritized task is important

I did that for you above in my gym example. Even something that looks selfish initially will benefit you (& usually others) in many longterm ways.


Find a way to kill 2 birds with 1 stone

When I’m at the gym, I’m usually listening to a podcast, a class lecture, or a book.

In doing so, I’m learning or I’m getting something done that I would have to get done at a different time anyway.

When I drop my kids off somewhere and am driving home in an empty car, i’m doing the same thing.

Here’s another example.

Spending individual time with my kids is one of my priorities. So, the other day I took him with me to get the oil changed. I had to do this anyway, and I made the most of my time by bonding with my son in the process.

Life goes by at a dizzying pace, and demands come at you (& me) from all sides. It’s easy to get buried in all the have-to-dos and never have enough time for the things you actually want to do.

But, having this time is up to you.

It’s not a matter of finding the time for the things you want.

Rather, it’s a matter of making the time for the things you want to get done.

And, if you don’t make the time, I’m pretty sure no one will.

Making sure that your life is filled with just a little bit of time that is focused on what matters to you is so important.

This is true even if you’re a busy mom with kids like I am.

If you always wonder where your time goes, maybe you’re giving your time away. I created a video about how to protect your time. Check it out below!

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