My Trip to Walgreens

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IMG_3096Actually, this week my first trip was to CVS.  They had some great deals today, and I had some Extra Care Bucks that were going to expire.  *Frugal tip, don’t let your rewards from various stores expire—it’s the same thing as throwing money down the drain.  Not that I would know anything about that anyway 😉  Sometimes you can beg for mercy from someone you know and they will take your expired things, but certainly do NOT count on it by any means.

So my trip to CVS yielded me:

  • 2 gallons of milk
  • 2 11.4 ounce packages of M&Ms
  • 3 boxes of Maxwell House 12 count k-cups
  • 3 packages of Tena pads
  • 4 Nivea lip balms
  • 2 bottles Wet ‘n Wild nail polish
  • 1 NYX lipstick

All of this cost me $35 and some change.  I don’t know the exact amount because I had a few Extra Care Bucks to use, which changed my total, but it was $35 something.  I found all my great deals here, hip2save, and you could have gotten free toothpaste, too, but I didn’t have the coupons to use that made it free so I passed.

A pretty good haul I think.  I will post my Walgreens later if I end up getting enough to make it worth your time to read through.  I don’t want to waste your time for just a few deals.  You can check out hip2save for those deals, too.

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