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weekly menu planI wanted to add a slight disclaimer.  As I spoke of here, we have some type of bread item at every meal to help stretch the family budget.  I generally don’t list that, because I am not sure of what bread item I will have in the house at any given time.  I am forever making some sort of bread item, which is what we insert into our meals, even just a slice or two like you would have in a restaurant, since we’re fancy like that 😉  The same thing goes for basic fruits and veggies.  I don’t always list them at every meal, but we have at least one serving of a fruit and veggie at every meal.


Monday:  homemade waffles, eggs

Tuesday:  homemade english muffin bread, fresh fruit salad (make enough for Thursday, too)

Wednesday:  cereal

Thursday:  slow cooker french toast…slow cooker, breakfast, yes please!!

Friday:  oatmeal packets, toast

Saturday:  puffed pancake (yes, we do this most Saturdays!)

Sunday:  cereal



Monday:  tuna, carrots, celery, fruit

Tuesday:  mac and cheese, salad, fruit

Wednesday:  tortilla pizza, salad, fruit

Thursday:  leftover enchiladas

Friday:  sandwiches

Saturday:  hot dogs



Monday: spaghetti, fresh beans, garlic bread made with French bread, fruit

Tuesday:  chicken enchiladas, salad, guacomole, fruit

Wednesday:  pasta with alfredo, salad, breadsticks, fruit

Thursday:  this salad, homemade pita chips, fruit

Friday:  Stephanie’s soup, cheese bread, assorted veggies, fruit

Saturday:  turkey burgers, homemade fries, assorted veggies, fruit

Sunday: leftover soup, fresh bread

When you see things listed like Stephanie’s soup, rest assured, I will be sharing recipes that aren’t already linked here.

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