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The Love Between Siblings

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I have been a mom to more than one child for nearly 13 years, and I can say that there is nothing like the love between siblings.

First off, I will say that it is not rainbows and sunshine around here all the time, and yes my children do fight like siblings so often do. I have girls who express themselves with words, sometimes in a not so nice way, and I have sons who express themselves, sometimes in a not so nice way, more physically.

Coming from a family of all girls, it always amazes me to see the vast differences between boys and girls.  It is also easy to see God’s purposes for making each gender the way He did in order to fulfill the roles He planned for both men and women.

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I will also say, it is so rewarding to see the love shared between siblings, especially because I was an only child for many years with no siblings to interact with. I think the moments of laughter and love between my children are some of the most rewarding things about being a mama to many.

My kids love hearing that a new sibling will be born.  In fact, I was just told the other day that my oldest was looking so forward to the birth of a new sibling that she slept with the baby socks I had out! At times we find out the gender and at times we don’t, and when baby number seven was going to break the tie between the three girls and the three boys, the suspense of not knowing until birth was priceless.

On any given day my kids read together, play games together, pretend together, serve one another at meal times, do puzzles together, sing and dance together, ride bikes together, run and play together, watch movies together, and even think and dream about the future together. The older ones help the younger ones with school and the younger ones help the older ones smile and laugh when teenager-hood just becomes too much to handle at times.

Many of my kids rarely sleep in their own beds because they would just much rather camp out on someone else’s floor somewhere. My girls share a room and my boys share a room, which for the most part worked well until my oldest needed more time in her quiet room to do her schoolwork.  Thank goodness we had a “spare” bedroom to use so she could have her own. However, that only was the way it went for a time because only a few months later she wanted to move back in with her sisters. Go figure!

It seems that with each new sibling, the interactions between siblings becomes even more precious to me. I’m not sure why, other than that amazing phenomenon I have spoken of before when love just multiplies while being spread between more people.

I believe God gives us families to train us, to equip us in dealing with others, and to challenge us in loving people when they are at their worst at times, but I think He also gives us families to bless us in ways that reflect just a little bit of what heaven will be life someday.

I love seeing God’s love reflected in the love between my kids as they live alongside their siblings.

Looking for something to encourage a loving relationship between your children? This is our FAVORITE resource. My kids ask to read this aloud nearly all the time! Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends

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