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The Best of 15 Days of Hope for the Weary Mom

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15 days for the weary momWow, what a journey it has been the past 15 (16, technically) days that we have been uncovering Hope for the Weary Mom in this incredible series. What started as plans for a post or two transformed into this series because of the incredible feedback I received from both the young moms and the more seasoned moms who all had so much to share.

If you find yourself weary and feeling as if you are overworked and underpaid as a mom, know that you are not alone. These concepts were everywhere in the comments of the moms I spoke with. Motherhood is a lifelong journey, and it is comprised of several seasons, some more demanding and less rewarding while other seasons are the other way around.

This series will be a great resource for you to work through again and again as you find yourself facing specific needs because we have addressed 15 different needs here.

The overall themes that the seasoned moms all wanted to portray to the younger moms are summarized as follows:

  • Just when you feel you are doing it all wrong, you are most likely doing much of it right. Nearly all moms question their qualifications, and nearly all moms feel like they are a complete failure much of the time.
  • When the days are long, remember that this too shall pass. Whatever your mothering challenge is at this time, it won’t be a challenge forever.
  • It can wait. Whatever ideals you had for yourself as a mom – the ideals that were part of your “before kids” life, they can most likely wait until the busyness of being a mom subsides to some extent. Most moms will tell you of the freedom you experience once all your kids get in school. This give you a bit of a reprieve.
  • Be your own person, and don’t feel guilty about it. This is a picture of my own person thing. IMG_0693
    I’ve got an adventure race this next weekend anIMG_0689d am getting everything ready to go play in the mud and the sand. This picture was taken from the race when I got thrown from my bike on advanced mountain biking trails. I’m not a mountain biker, but I had the time of my life trying to be one! I came home dripping in mud, it was great!
  • Determine who you want to be as a mom, create an action plan to become that mom, and then go after it. 
  • When you blow it as a mom, give yourself grace, move on, and determine to do it different next time.
  • Ground yourself. Every day fill your tank first, even if it means hiding out in the bathroom, not that I would know anything about that or anything.
  • Savor every moment. Even the ones when you are cleaning up the same living room for the 38th time in the same day. Find something to be thankful for, find the beauty in the moment, and savor the here and now
  • Have some fun every day. My kids and I do this in any number of ways. Sometimes we turn on an episode of the old Dennis the Menace, other times we get out the joke book, and yet at other times we get out the photo albums and laugh at the crazy antics that have always been a part of our family. Laughter truly is the best medicine for so many things.
  • Surround yourself with things that you love. Cultivate the home you described in your mission statement. Set the correct tone in your home and your children will follow.
  • Continue learning more about becoming the mom you want to be. Surround yourself with wise women, seek the advice of those you trust, get new ideas for the struggles that seem to plague you. It is amazing what a new solution to a problem can do for your spirits.
  • Finally, give yourself the credit you deserve. You are doing an amazing job. You are in the trenches every day, and the time you invest in your children will never return to you void.coffee-690349_1280

Being a mom is never easy, but there are numerous things you can do to make your journey more enjoyable both for you and for your children. Work your way through the steps listed throughout this series, there is a lot to digest. Pin the days that speak to your heart and revisit them when you need them. Something may speak to you differently next time than it did reading it the first time through.

Thanks for joining me on this amazing journey. If there is another issue you had hoped to see addressed here, feel free to contact me through the contact form above – your idea may set off the next series! It is my hope and my prayer that you have found peace, joy, and validation in your role as a mom throughout this process.

In case you missed any of the series, here they all are listed day by day.

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I’ve got a new series in the works. Actually, I have two, one of which is a video series. I’m looking at it being a month-long series for the month of July. The video series has to do with the overwhelming response I have received in the form of questions about becoming debt free or in greatly reducing debt, creating savings, and reducing overall spending. The other series has to do with finding happiness. A simple action plan to finding your own happy.

Trust me, you won’t want to miss either. To be sure not to miss the new series when it starts, you will want to subscribe in the upper left on the cleaning bucket. This will also get you my list of age appropriate chores for kids.

I will throw out some more information about the new series as I nail down which way to go for the month of July.

Thanks again for joining me on this amazing journey.

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