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Recipe: Chewy Brown Sugar Cookies

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I will admit that I am a sucker for cookies, well, for sweets in general if I am being honest. With so many mouths to feed, we save a ton of money by baking our sweets on our own rather than buying them. This means that I am always looking for new recipes. Pinterest is a wealth of information for all things sweet. I have many sweets pinned there, and other things, too. You can follow me on Pinterest here, if that interests you.

So I am baking up a double batch of these cookies tonight because I have to bring 2 dozen to my kids’ band group tomorrow. Since my kids complain when I bake only what I need to take places, I am breaking my own rule and baking during the week so I have enough to leave home, too.

These are quick, easy, and oh so good. If you are looking for a great cookie, look no further. Follow the baking directions exactly to avoid over baking them. Here they are:


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