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Recipe: DIY French Fries in a Flash

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Does your family love fries as much as mine does? I am all about DIYing things in the kitchen, and with a family favorite like french fries I have been making my own for years. However, it has never been easier than it is these days. Check it out!

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So the other night we had these fries, but I have made them my own way over the years. My family’s favorite seasoning is some seasoned salt, like Lawry’s seasoned salt, along with some steak seasoning. This is my favorite way, too.

To feed a family of my size, I generally make 4 pounds of potatoes at a time no matter how we are eating them. In the past, I dreaded making fries and I tended just to buy the frozen variety on an amazing sale, but when I found this handy gadget:


Culina French Fry Potato Cutter with Round Bottom for Easy Slicing, 2 Blades

I have never had to buy prepared fries since.

This is such an awesome tool, not only is it fast since I can “cut” all the fries in about 3 minutes tops, but it makes them all the same size, which means they cook evenly and can all be the perfect crispness. When they vary is size when cutting by hand, mine always had some that were beyond crunchy and some that were still soggy since they were bigger in size.


No more! This thing has been the most amazing thing since sliced bread in our home. I have certain kids who like the bigger steakhouse size, and some who prefer the more shoestring size.


It comes with attachments for each size, so we just alternate how we make then and everyone is happy.IMG_3228

Making fries on your own, using real potatoes, is a healthier and a more frugal option than buying the frozen variety, and in reality, they taste better, too. Don’t let the idea overwhelm you, however, especially if you have my new favorite tool!

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  1. This sounds great since our family loves all things potato! So….how do you actually make them?

    1. I pretty much follow what she does. I cut them, then drizzle them with olive oil, throw the seasonings on, and I bake mine at 425. It takes about 20 minutes for me. With the volume that I make they are not in a single layer, which still works fine for me. We love these, too!

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