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Easy Pizza Dough – Freezer Friendly!

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In light of having a movie night with the kids tonight, we need to have some fun food, too, so this is what we are having for dinner:Pizza!

If you are looking for an easy and delicious pizza dough, look no further. I have countless recipes for pizza dough, and this is by far the best, and it does freeze perfectly. I get two crusts out of this recipe since we prefer a thinner crust. If you like thicker, you can keep it all as one.

pizza dough

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This isn’t my recipe, but this will take you over to Crystal Paine’s site where you can check the recipe for yourself. This is the best pizza dough for feeding a family because it’s frugal, quick, easy, and delicious. Check it out by clicking here for this pizza dough! 

We will be pairing this up with breadsticks, and another batch of cole slaw.

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