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Recipe: The Best Breadsticks Ever

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And because I am getting these started here now, I thought I would share this recipe, too.  I guess it must be a recipe kind of day.  But in reality, good food is just too good to keep to myself.


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I will admit that I was skeptical of the claim that these were better than Olive Garden, maybe it was because I already had an Olive Garden bread sticks recipe that everyone loved, but since we eat a bread item at nearly every meal it was great to try just for variety, and the bread machine part totally sold me.

Oh. My.  Everyone loved these breadsticks, and this is the only kind anyone wants anymore!

So easy, too — a win/win!


you can pin it for later  https://www.pinterest.com/pin/275423333432483530/

Here is how my breadsticks look from start to finish.





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  1. Those breadsticks are the BEST EVER! Ah, I haven’t made those in forever, and I’m thinking the meal plan might need to be tweaked for tonight. 🙂

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