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Drugstore Hacks: How To Save Big at Stores Like Walgreens, CVS & Rite Aid

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Drugstores are one of the most overlooked places when it comes to saving money. I know I used to think that drugstores were where you went for prescriptions, over the counter medication, and the occasional gallon of milk when you run out. Boy, was I wrong! In reality, you can score some amazing deals at drugstores like Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid.

The thing with shopping at these places is that you have to know the inside scoop. After more than 20 years of saving money, I have learned every last trick in the book. In fact, it is because of the things I’ve learned about saving money over the years that we have been able to support our family that now has 10 people on less than $25,000 a year. Even better? We now live debt-free as well!

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With that, here is how you can score big at the Drugstores.

drugstore hacks

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Shop by yourself

When getting the best deals, you need to be able to think about pricing, concentrate, pay attention, and think clearly. When it comes to maximizing your savings at drugstores, many of the savings you take advantage of will be done on the fly. This requires brain power, which almost always requires quiet. In my world and in the world of most moms I know, this means shopping alone.

Look for clearance tags

Clearance tags are usually easy to spot as they are a different color. Generally, you can just glance down an aisle to see if there are any clearance deals there. If you spot some, it often pays to see what they are.

Look at end caps and in bins for specials and clearance items

These are great places to look for clearance items that are often sold in bulk. This area will generally be marked in some special way as well, but the prices may not be individually marked with individual tags like you would spot within an aisle.

Print (and read) any coupons at stores like CVS with their Extra Care Bucks

For instance, there is the “magic coupon machine” at CVS. There are amazing deals to be scored with these coupons. There are even times you can get free stuff with these based on the amount of the savings on the coupon. If the store offers additional savings with store specific coupons, know where to find these and read/print these every time you shop.

Walk the seasonal aisle

Clearance deals are often hiding in these aisles, but at times they aren’t marked with clearance tags. Seasonal items often become deeply discounted before the current season is even half over. Walk these seasonal aisles at least once a week since something that wasn’t on sale last week could very well be on sale this week.

Watch expiration dates on store rewards/coupons/rebates

There is nothing like expired cash. And, this is exactly what you have with things like Extra Care Bucks from CVS and Register Rewards from Walgreens that expire before you use them. File these things in the same place using the same method in the order in which they expire. Then, pay attention to these expiration dates frequently. If nothing else, just go to the store to buy random things you need just to keep them from expiring. If you don’t, you are literally throwing money away.

Pay attention to limits of sale items

Stores will allow you to overbuy beyond the sale limits, you just won’t be getting them for the sale price. If you have not paid attention to these limits prior to checking out, you will be causing a hassle for yourself, the store clerk, and any other customers in line. It pays to be aware of these limits before you check out.

There may also be times that you don’t even catch that you’ve paid more than the sale price for items that you purchased beyond the sale limit. I hate thinking I got a steal of a deal only to later discover that I didn’t – just because I wasn’t paying attention.

Visit store website for extra savings

There can be coupons there, extra percentage off coupons or information, and other information that will help you save money. It’s worth it to check the websites of the stores you regularly shop at each week.

Get organized before checking out

Be sure you know what you’re getting and what you plan on paying for it before you get up to the checkout. Again, you want to avoid causing a holdup at the checkout. This is not only rude but oftentimes embarrassing for you as well.

Double check your receipt before leaving

Make sure that everything went as you thought it would with your transaction. Waiting until you get home leaves you having to go back to the store, which is annoying. Double check your receipt before you leave the store to take care of any mishaps right then and there.

Now you’ve got the inside scoop on how to save money at some stores that you may not have thought to make a part of your shopping routine. When you use these tips, you can stretch your budget even further!

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