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Shredded Chicken in a Flash Using Your Instant Pot

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Does shredding chicken frustrate you as much as it used to frustrate me? I’m guessing it might since you’re here.

Actually, this might be the best time-saving stress-saving tip you might read today. Or ever.

Maybe you’ve discovered that chicken shreds easiest when still hot, but this can create a problem when you’re trying to shred it.

But, I am here to put an end to all that nonsense. I shredded these five chicken breasts in 17 seconds, but who’s counting.

Here is how you can have shredded chicken in a flash.

shredded chicken

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This is painfully easy, it really is.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • cooked chicken breasts
  • a mixer…I have this Kitchen Aid. It’s a work horse, and I’d be LOST without it! Just click on it for details

So, boil, bake, grill, or throw your chicken in your Instant Pot (my favorite method).

While it is still hot, throw it in your mixer.

Turn it on high with the regular paddle type attachment and run it on medium speed.

Voila, shredded chicken breasts in a flash!

See, easy, huh?

Have you discovered the instant pot love? If not, it’s a life saver in my life! Here’s the one I have, just click on it!

Don’t let an Instant Pot scare you. Here’s everything you need to know (and some pretty amazing recipes too!) Just click on the graphic below!

instant pot recipes

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