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The Easy Way to Clean Your Home FAST – FREE Cleaning List!

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Finding time to clean can be challenge, especially for busy women and moms. So often we face the demands of being working moms, being single moms, being working women without kids, helping with other family members or within the community, and so much more. Cleaning is something that we do, and then it needs to be done again. Plus, if you’re trying to clean in the midst of living with toddlers, kids, and even teens it can certainly seem like an endless battle. As a homeschooling mom of 9, I know this battle all too well. Cleaning shortcuts, cleaning hacks, cleaning tricks, and cleaning tips are so very valuable these days because they allow us to get more done in less time. And, who doesn’t want more time for doing what they want rather than always having to tackle the to-do list?

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Whether you have always been wondering, “How do I keep my house clean & organized,” are looking for some spring cleaning ideas, need some cleaning motivation, or are just looking to clean your house fast, have I got the secrets for you!

Here’s the easy way to clean your home fast!

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Prioritize your cleaning tasks

Not all cleaning tasks are created equal. Generally, the cleaning tasks in the primary living areas are more of a priority in my home, and they may be in yours as well. Sometimes there is one cleaning task that needs to be completed before a different task can be started. And, there may be times when one undone cleaning task just bothers you more than another. But, when you have a list of cleaning tasks to take on, prioritize the order in which you need to do them.

Combine like cleaning tasks

If you will be cleaning your window blinds, take the time to also clean the window ledges, the window glass, and even the window tracks if you have them. Follow these simple steps HERE to clean your window tracks like the pros do! If you will be wiping out a kitchen cupboard, take the time to also wipe down the cupboard door, inside and out, for instance. Combining like cleaning tasks in this way is a huge time saving tip.

cleaning home easy

Have a room by room cleaning schedule

There is something that is so satisfying about having an entire room cleaned at one time. I find this is also a time saving tip. For instance, if you are cleaning the bathroom, clean all parts of the bathroom including toilets, countertops, cupboard doors (these can get grimy!), mirrors, tub/shower, and even the bathroom linens. A cleaning plan that incorporates all parts of each room is an amazing cleaning tip!

clean home easy

Get inventive

Clean things like window blinds the easy way like this HERE, clean ceiling fans using a pillowcase so the dust doesn’t all fall below, dust baseboards with socks on your hands (kids can do this too!), use the right tools to clean your dryer vent like HERE and your slider tracks like HERE. There are so many ways to make cleaning tasks easier, just get inventive!

clean home fast

Use your dishwasher and your washing machine

These are amazing ways to take some cleaning tasks and make them super simple, quick, and stress-free. You can wash so many of your kids plastic toys (no batteries, metal, or holes) in the dishwasher or washer. Your dishwasher can also be used to clean containers, small bins, and more, and I love using a garment bag to wash legos in my washer.

Vacuum in both directions

This is the most effective way to vacuum, and it will keep your carpets cleaner longer. There are many things that just can’t be sucked up when vacuuming in only one direction. It is totally worth it to take the extra time to vacuum in both directions every time you vacuum. This means you can vacuum less – score!

I LOVE this vacuum HERE, I can’t recommend it enough! It sucks up pet hair and kids messes like no other vacuum I have ever owned!

Use only one cleaner

An amazing all purpose cleaner that can be used on everything from countertops, to toilets, to appliances and everything in-between is a huge time saver because you’re not having to lug various cleaners around from area to area. Nor are you having to walk to a different room to get something different. Check out the cleaner I make using essential oils HERE.

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Busy lives call for some easy time saving, stress-free cleaning solutions. With a busy house of 11 people, I have come to master these tips, tricks, and hacks. There are almost never enough hours in a day, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a clean home.

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