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50 Free Family Activities for Summer

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Summer is such a wonderful time of year, but it can get BORING for everyone especially by the time mid-summer rolls around. The lazy days of summer are fading, however, and spending time with your family is so important before the hustle and bustle of the school year gets started again.

Before you send your kids off on another busy school year, schedule some of these FREE family activities that are good for all ages.

free family activities

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Some of these take little to no planning at all!

  1. star gaze
  2. find shapes in the clouds
  3. finger paint, even the big kids!
  4. gather the neighborhood kids for some outdoor games
  5. go for a walk or bike ride
  6. color together, that means you, too
  7. have a lemonade stand
  8. have a family game night once a week
  9. read their book of choice – a classic
  10. make root beer floats
  11. look at old pictures together
  12. watch their favorite movie or show together
  13. play an active game together like Simon Says
  14. make a fort out of sheets and blankets
  15. sing songs together
  16. write a story together, with illustrations
  17. host a movie night for your kids and their friends
  18. play in the rain
  19. put on some music and have your own dance party
  20. have a scavenger hunt in the neighborhood
  21. have a campfire with s’mores
  22. go on a picnic
  23. have a water balloon fight
  24. fly a kite
  25. go to a playground
  26. make homemade playdough, and then play with it
  27. have a foot race
  28. fly paper airplanes together
  29. play chinese jumprope
  30. visit the library every week and do some reading
  31. play hide and seek in the dark
  32. make homemade popcorn and then eat it
  33. make a craft together
  34. do some yard work and make it fun
  35. have a puppet show
  36. first, trace your handprints and then use them to make something memorable
  37. have a pillow fight
  38. have a water gun fight
  39. create a picture collage and put it in a frame
  40. do some physical training…push ups, sit ups, jumping jacks etc.
  41. plant some flowers
  42. sleep out in a tent in the backyard
  43. wash the car
  44. pick some fresh flowers from along the road
  45. make a treat to bring to the fire station
  46. go on a tour of the fire station
  47. collect a few toys to donate
  48. write a thank you note to Dad
  49. chase fireflies
  50. run through the sprinkler

Don’t let the summer pass you by without having some good old fashioned fun together as a family. Even if life is busy, take some time to have some fun and make memories together that will last all winter long!

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