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Secrets to a Stress Free Summer With Kids (from a mom of 9!)

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Summer can be fun, but summer can also be downright scary since there is so much downtime, family togetherness, and long days. Summer can feel out of control and be lacking in structure, routines, and rules, which can give way to mass chaos. Is a stress free summer even possible – a stress free summer with kids?

Maybe you’re a mom who works outside the home or a mom who works inside the home, and in any case, having kids who behave, are able to do some things on their own, and know what they are to be doing to help out is the key to having a stress free summer.

As a mom of 9 these are the secrets I’ve found to having a stress free summer with kids.

stress free summer

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Summer schedules for kids & moms

Having a schedule that stays relatively the same each day and then on at least a few days of the week helps both kids and moms know what to expect. The randomness of summer days can make like difficult for everyone.

Maintain a sense of structure

Meal plans, regular meal times, consistency with some of the activities and expectations of the school year help the summer days go better as well. Here is some meal planning help if you want to learn more.

Alone time

Everyone in the family can benefit from having a little quiet alone time every day. This could be as little as 15 minutes, but time apart from one another helps cut down on everything from annoyances to fighting among siblings.

Healthy meals

Too much sugar and other unhealthy foods makes kids a little crazy, which also makes moms a little crazy. There are so many opportunities to eat healthy in the summer. Here are some sneaky ways to drink more water this summer.

Get some summer exercise

This is important for kids and moms. Even getting out and playing some neighborhood games can be a great way to get some exercise. During calories releases endorphins and other “feel good” hormones that make for better days. Here are some tips for motivating yourself to exercise more.

Learn new things

We love trying out a few new board games during the summer. Sometimes kids will take a class on something they want to know more about. Even the library can be a great place to take a class. These are our favorite family games.

Lay down the ground rules

Make sure your kids know what you expect of them. This is best if rules and expectations are written out in a place where kids can see them.

Lessen your expectations

So often we put so much pressure on ourselves (& our kids) about things. It helps to just take your expectations for the summer down a notch. There is a time for rules and structure, but a bit of added grace in the summer will help your summer have less stress and more fun.

Get enough rest

Resist the urge to have yourself and your kids push the limits on being too busy. Figure in down time, and make sure that everyone is getting enough sleep. Not enough sleep means more grumpiness.

Say no

Don’t feel bad about saying no to your kids or others. You can’t do it all, and your kids need a healthy balance between busy and resting. Limits and boundaries are a very good thing, especially during the summer. This means saying no needs to be a regular thing.

Have a fluid plan

Having a plan is always a good idea, but make sure it is a fluid one. That way when things don’t go according to plan, it’s not a huge deal. Going with the flow helps in the summer.

Be proactive

Have lists of ideas for activities, written schedules and rules, and some fun ways to motivate your kids to doing what they are supposed to be doing.

It is with this in mind that I created the Mom’s Summer 911 Rescue Pack.

stress free summer

Worksheets, punchcards, schedules, logs, printables & more, this is everything you need to have a better summer this year – a summer free of guilt, chaos, and fighting with your kids (& among siblings).

Here’s what’s included:

stress free summer

The boy pack is decorated in colors and designs they will love while the girl pack will make the girls in your life feel girly.

When you purchase, you will receive instant access to all these digital resources so you can get them printed and start planning your summer.

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  1. Getting alone time and saying no are two things that are hard for my family. I really like the idea of encouraging alone time. With a young family of mostly extroverts, it’s something we’re not great at doing, but that we need! Like you, I’ve found that structure is helpful in calming the chaos. We’ve even established that on certain days of the week we do specific activities like Thursday is library day and Saturday is pancake day. A routine of fun activities helps both mom and kids establish a light-hearted norm for the family!

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