15 Signs That You Are Stretched Too Thin (and what to do about it)

Life whizzes by at a dizzying pace while the landscape around you blurs from one scene to the next. Just when you think you can make out an object, you've traveled too far to even be able to make it out anymore. Your days find you trudging along as if you are trying to move forward with your feet … [Read more...]

10 Ways You’re Wasting Your Time Every Day

Even if you think you may be using your time to the best of your ability, you may be guilty of a few of these time wasters. These are the things that can slip by without our even noticing, like a sleek ninja stealthily sneaking in and stealing some of our precious moments. The truth is, we all … [Read more...]

25 Household Hacks to Make Your Life Easier

We all have those dreaded tasks that we just seem to procrastinate on, and then there are those mundane jobs that we would rather avoid, but there are ways to be more efficient in both the everyday tasks and in the every once in awhile jobs. Some of these ideas will save you in a pinch while others … [Read more...]

Storage Spaces for Small Places

Do you need storage spaces for small places? Looking for some extra storage space? I've got some solutions for you! When it comes to storage, I find it just takes a little bit of creativity and thinking outside of the box - sometimes way outside the box!   (this post may contain … [Read more...]

Coupon Storage

  Are you looking for some fresh ideas for coupon storage? Maybe you are just getting started in the world of couponing and are wondering where to get started? I have stored my coupons in a few different ways over the years, and I have finally settled on the system I like best. It is not … [Read more...]

Weekly Spring Cleaning Project

Want to take a closet/dresser challenge with me this week? Here's how it works. In order to not be overwhelmed, let's only take on three closets and dressers (if your kids have both, but only focus on three people in your family this week). As you can see, mine are in a very sorry state so three … [Read more...]

Weekly Goals

At the suggestion of Crystal over at Money Saving Mom, I have been posting my weekly goals as well as how I did on the previous weekly goals here. It has been a great exercise in keeping me on target. Although it is never possible to get everything done since life always has a way of getting in the … [Read more...]

Weekly Spring Cleaning Project

This week I am tacking two spring cleaning projects. They are both smaller, and I am just needing to get things in order since spring is quickly fading so I am doubling up. I have the boys’ room done, so it’s time for the girls. The first area is my youngest daughter’s bedroom. This would include … [Read more...]

Mission Accomplished!

  I accomplished my spring cleaning project, only a few minor (or major) setbacks, which spread it out over two weeks instead of one, but I will consider this a good thing. Do you remember my office before?  I know, yikes right? And what you can't see is that the top of my storage unit … [Read more...]

Sign up for the FREE Stress-Free-Homemaking online course! Yes, FREE!

So when I read about this series of 4 stress free videos on homemaking for FREE over on Money Saving Mom, I was so excited! Free and videos make me very excited. So does the idea of tips and tricks about cleaning, obviously since I post things about this all the time. I am always looking for ways to … [Read more...]

Weekly Spring Cleaning Project

Since I’m just keeping things real around here, I am sharing pictures of my lovely cleaning project this week.  My office.  Such a disgrace, I know.  How can I even work in it, you may ask?  Well, I can’t.  Not like this, which is why this has come to the forefront. My office is such a … [Read more...]