The Five Most Popular Posts of the Week

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What I love about looking back over the week is to see the variety that people choose as their favorites based on how many times each post is viewed. I am amazed that every week there is something for everyone.

This past week I had a frugal post featured over at Money Saving Mom. You can find it by clicking on the title: 12 Reasons You’re Spending More Than You Should. If you’re looking to keep more of your hard earned cash in your pocket, that post will be a great help.

Over here, these were the five most popular posts this week:

stretched too thin

15 Signs That You Are Stretched Too Thin and What to Do About It

cutting expenses

5 Reasons Cutting Expenses Can Bring You Wealth

don't like your kids

How to Be a Mom When You Don’t Like Your Kids

free outings

20 Free Outings With Your Kids

son needs from his mom

10 Things Your Growing Son Needs From His Mom

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