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Want to Live for a Thousand Years?

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Are you wondering how to live for a thousand years?

live for a thousand years
Our kids. This is the answer.

Our kids. They are watching us all the time. Have you ever watched your child say or do something that was less than admirable only to realize they learned that by behavior from someone else – and that someone was you?! I know I have. A lot.

Our kids. Through our kids, we are able to reach a time and space we will never see. Our footprint, our legacy, and our voice that echoes long after we have been silenced will live on through our kids, our grandkids, our great-grandkids. I had a profound realization the other day, and that realization was this:

Being a parent means that we are not only responsible for our own moments, both the good and the bad moments, but we are also responsible for our children’s moments – both at the time and in the future as the way we model how to use our moments will be the way they choose to spend theirs.

Simple. Powerful. Profound. Painfully true.

Through our kids our longevity is as endless as the sky is blue since if we are intentional moms, intentional parents, we have the opportunity to live for a thousand years.

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