What to Do When One Spouse is a Spender While the Other is a Saver

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Isn’t it amazing how God created us as wives to be helpmeets to our husbands? Actually, it’s equally amazing how He made men and women to yearn for one another in a deep companionship kind of way. Back in the Garden of Eden, he created Eve specifically for Adam so that he would not be alone.

After having attended several different conferences and classes on marriage, I can say that it was always such a relief to hear that in many cases, God brings a certain man and a certain woman together to perfectly compliment each other. Simply put, in many a marriage relationship, husband and wives are opposites – and this is according to God’s plan.

spouse is spender

My husband and I are opposites in nearly every way, which is why I say that it was always so validating to hear this concept spoken of at a conference that is focused on marriage.

Most times, the fact that my husband and I are opposites actually works to our advantage. I am totally uptight and high strung while my husband is totally laid back and the type of person who can just go with the flow. He is a night owl while I am an early riser, he is a rule breaker while I’ve never broken a rule in my life (well, maybe once), and I am timely while my husband is a procrastinator. The list really could go on and on.

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