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finding contentmentIt’s here! The journey to finding contentment has arrived in the inboxes of those who have accepted the challenge. I wanted to make sure to clarify that you will not find this challenge anywhere here as there has been some confusion.

While the 31 Ways to Grow Your Family’s Faith Through Summer Fun series as well as the Hope for the Weary Mom series have both been featured here, at The Intentional Mom, this challenge will not be featured here. This challenge is only something that you can only be a part of through signing up in the popup box, and it will be delivered via email only to those subscribers.

You can still sign up today, or at any point along the challenge and receive the days you have missed, but your workload will just be a bit more in order to “catch up” with where the challenge is at any point.

If you’re looking to find contentment in your life, the Intentional Mom community is doing it together, but you will need to sign up first!

See you there!

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