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A Peek at What Getting it Done Looks Like

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get it all doneYesterday, I shared a post entitled 10 Things I Do to Get It All Done, and this is a short followup to that post. The post yesterday just became too lengthy, but I wanted to share what some of the tips that I gave look like in real life. For that reason, I am sharing a look at how a typical day looks for me on paper.

My post called Why I Make Lists (and why you should, too), lays out my system of making different lists. That would be a great read if you are wanting to see my system in greater detail than what this post will illustrate.

However, for the purpose of this post, I will share some of what my lists look like because my lists are an essential component of how I get it all done. I could not share the 10 tips without touching on my lists and daily schedule.

So, what does a typical day look like in my life? How do I intertwine being a mom, homeschooling, working, being a homemaker, running a household, and being my own person?

I went ahead and laid out a typical day’s schedule when it is a school day since four days a week for most of the year our daily life does include school. getting it done

Of course it varies if there are activities here and there or if it is a weekend since we clean the house on the weekend and have church on Sunday, but even then, much of the basic schedule is the same.

Next, I have included a picture of the way my daily list lays out of things that have to get done. These things slide in when I have pockets of time whether my work took less time, a meal is cooking but I can walk away, or if I use my chore time to get these things done.getting it done

Finally, there is a list of my ongoing larger projects. As I laid out in my post about *making lists, these projects make their way into my weekly/daily list to be completed. getting it all done

You will notice that throughout, I have times listed next to certain projects. This just allows me to more easily fit these things into my day. I know how long they will take me, so I know when I will have time to complete them or to break them up into a few different pockets of time.

You will also notice that I cross things off when they are completed. This is how I celebrate victories. On my Periscope broadcast the other day, I discovered that there are quite a few people who enjoy crossing completed tasks off! How nice to know that I am not alone in this quirky little thing.

I have rest times or down times listed, and you can certainly see how routines help me get things done.

Hopefully through this two part post, you have found the encouragement that you, too, can get it all done by just getting started, developing systems that work for you, not letting setbacks keep you from moving forward, and celebrating every success you have. We can’t produce more hours in our day, but we can use the hours we have in the most efficient way we can.

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