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20 Basic Manners All Boys Should Know

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So often manners can be a lost art form these days, but manners are so important, especially when it comes to teaching our young boys to become men of integrity. 

Teaching our boys manners can help them become young men who can be described as gentlemen. Kids don’t learn manners on accident, however, they have to be modeled, taught, and practiced.

Manners are a way of treating others with respect and also a way of behaving with self control, discipline, and selflessness.

Training our young boys with some basic manners makes life so much more pleasant for those around him both now and in the future. Can you imagine how impressed his future wife and her parents will be if your son is polite, well spoken, considerate, and generous? As a mom of daughters, too, I would be delighted if this sort of young man were to show an interest in any of my girls.

Here are 20 basic manners all boys should know.


The following manners are ones that are easy to teach and a great starting point to build on later. Let’s teach our boys to:

  1. Speak slowly, clearly, and graciously when talking to adults.
  2. Always stand when introduced.
  3. Look others in the eye when speaking to them.
  4. Offer a firm handshake to adults. When adults offer you a handshake give one back.
  5. When shaking someone’s hand while being introduced, say, “Nice to meet you.”
  6. Answer when spoken to, even if you are only saying, yes sir! Grunting, mumbling, or offering a wave don’t count.
  7. In most cases, it is appropriate to use “sir” and “ma’am.”
  8. Open the door for women and girls by pulling on the handle and remaining outside of the door. Do not hold the door open by learning on it with your back in the doorway.
  9. Pull out the chair at the dinner table for women and girls.
  10. Help women and girls with their coat – putting it on and taking it off, saying, “May I help you with your coat?”
  11. Allow girls to go first when there is a situation where turns are being taken.
  12. Always take off your baseball hat when praying, eating a meal, or singing the national anthem.
  13. Using basic please and thank you can’t be left off the list.
  14. Try to avoid simple yes and no answers.
  15. Never address an adult using their first name, unless told to.
  16. Compliment the person who made food for you on what they made—always.
  17. Offer your seat to a woman or girl if you have a seat and they are standing.
  18. Excuse yourself from the table to burp, sneeze, blow your nose, or perform some other bodily function.
  19. Ask to be excused at the end of a meal after everyone else is done eating. Asking to be excused in the middle of a meal because you are done is rude.
  20. Offer your coat to a woman or girl if they are cold.

Manners are such a nice way to show respect to others. Who better to teach boys these things than their moms. You can even make a game out of it…setting up a restaurant in your home for dinner is fun for everyone all around while boys are learning these important skills at the same time. Let’s raise some young men we would want our daughters to date, shall we?


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  1. Absolutely! We taught our children what we thought were everyday, common sense manners and we get so many compliments on how nice and polite our children are. I’m sometimes amazed that people are amazed that my kids have manners 😉

    1. Totally agree, Leanne. It seems that what used to be commonplace is now the exception. Sad, but true it seems!

  2. Do not hold the door open by learning on it with your back in the doorway.

    The auto correct exchange the word Leaning to Learning

    I love this list

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