Five Easy Ways to Earn Money Without Leaving Your Home

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five easy ways to earn money
Living a frugal lifestyle means constantly being on the lookout for easy ways to save some money.  We are all busy, life seems to go at such a dizzying speed these days, but here are a few quick and easy ways to earn a little “free money” doing something you most likely already do, and you don’t even have to leave your house to do it.  Can’t get much easier!

  1. Swagbucks – if you use any kind of search engine like google, you might as well use the swag bucks search engine and get paid to search the web.  I have earned several amazon gift cards doing this, but you can also earn restaurant gift cards, store gifts cards and so much more.  It seems too good to be true, but it’s not, it really is like earning “free” money.  Go here www.swagbucks.com/refer/gwenivere109 to check it out.
  2. Amazon – if you purchase things from Amazon anyway, you can periodically take advantage of the perks they offer if you sign up and are approved for their credit card.  If you are diligent in paying it off before any interest accrues, you have come out way ahead.  I usually just follow the steps they require in order to get the “free” money and then close it down.  Of course you are subject to being approved and you can only do this so many times to avoid it affecting your credit, but with a high credit score and taking advantage of this opportunity once a year, I haven’t seen a negative impact thus far.
  3. Pay Pal – they offer a similar incentive as Amazon does when you are preparing to make a purchase.  Again you are subject to a credit check and being approved, but as an every once in awhile thing you come out ahead as long as you are following their guidelines and paying off any balances before interest or fees are applied.
  4. Larger banks like Capital One – usually a couple of times a year they offer a bonus for opening certain kinds of accounts.  There are always guidelines that need to be met, but often they are quite simple to meet, just be sure to diligently read the fine print to be certain of the guidelines, but if you are just moving money around from one bank to another chances are your money can work harder for you this way.  I generally just keep the accounts open for a bit longer than they require to achieve the incentive, and then close them down so I don’t have in insane number of accounts to keep track of.
  5. Sell stuff – Facebook can be such a great tool for doing this.  If you go into the search bar on Facebook and enter the name of your city followed by a comma and the words “garage sale,” most likely you will find a garage sale community to join where you live, which is a great place to sell stuff that you have sitting around.  Members usually have to be approved, which makes it a bit less scary than just selling stuff on Craig’s List.  When selling things, I have just scheduled a time for pick up on my front porch and don’t even have to be home or be involved in the transaction in person at all that way.  They pick up the item and leave the money is a designated area.  Of course you take the risk of them not leaving the money, but this has never happened to me or anyone I know of who uses these communities.  Generally this is a mutually beneficial community, and members will not want to jeopardize their membership in the group by getting thrown out for stealing.  If you have stuff lying around, you might as well make some money while freeing up some space at the same time.  Even if you have smaller value items you are selling for $5, the money adds up quickly. You can find more about that in this post on Facebook groups.

Earning money from home can be done several ways, here are just a few of the easier ones.  Happy earning!

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