5 Things I Love This Week

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5 things I love this weekThis was a busy week for us because we had VBS Monday through Thursday nights. It was so strange because I was at home with only my youngest two kids since my oldest three kids were volunteering there while two of my school-aged kids were part of the fun. It is always a strange dynamic to be at home with only a couple of kids. They had fun, and I had some quiet LOL.

My husband is just finishing this semester at school. Tuesday he will be done for the next two weeks. It has also a busy week for us for that reason. Projects, tests, and tying up loose ends has added some extra stress to the house, and I can’t wait for his short break from school!

Finding five things I love has really been a great exercise for me. I have begun taking the time to really pause more throughout the busyness of my days. It takes a little bit of practice, but once you have done it for maybe a week or so, it really does become a habit. I watch for something that makes me smile or laugh, and I pause there. I drink in the moment, I savor it, I put it in slow motion.

Here are my five “pausing” moments that I have loved this week.

  1. This week I took time to appreciate my health. I was told of a family member who was diagnosed with cancer, and at this point, the details are unknown. This makes four people in the past month who have been diagnosed with cancer. From where I sit now, it seems as though cancer is everywhere, and is some ways, this is actually true. At this point, I am so thankful that I have not had to face this. For this reason, I am thankful for my health this week.
  2. A great group of people who influence my kids. Because we homeschool, my kids don’t have many people who are in the “teacher” role in their lives, but when there is someone who fits there, we are so blessed to have had the most amazing people in these roles.
  3. A great community. We live in a small community where people genuinely care about one another. For the most part, people are honest, generous, and helpful is whatever way they can be. This weekend our community had its annual celebration, which gives it a hometown feel. If we do move out of state as planned, I will miss many things about this community.
  4. Prepared food in my freezer. I will expand on this more tomorrow, but this has saved me tonight when I was on the verge of tears with being completely overwhelmed. I am so thankful for little things that help keep me from having a mommy meltdown.
  5. My kids’ friends. My kids had a ton of fun with various friends in a variety of ways this week. Watching my kids have their lives enriched because of the great kids who are in it has been such a blessing.

I apologize for the lack of pictures this week. It has just been too busy to take pictures this week, I guess!

What did you love this week?!


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