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Moms, Respect Your Kids First!

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Respect is something we all desire and expect from those around us, but it can be so hard to give to others. However, if resect is missing in our lives whether we fail to give respect to others or seem to not be getting the respect we crave, it can be life draining.

There are so many things that overwhelm and exhaust us as moms, and a lack of respect in our lives is certainly one of them.

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In order for our kids to respect us, we must treat them with respect first. It is so easy to parent our kids from the “do as I say, but don’t do as I do” standpoint, but this kind of child training will never reap the results you are looking for.

In order to extend respect to our children, we must respect ourselves first. That means taking the time to work on ourselves, learning and growing in new ways, and filling our own tanks with things that are meaningful to us.

Make the time to pour something into yourself today…give yourself some respect so you can then extend it to your kids!

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