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Are You Getting in Your Own Way of Accomplishing Greatness?

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When it comes to making positive changes in our lives, we often have to do some hard stuff, which includes looking at ourselves and answering some tough questions. Not only that, we have to be honest, too. However, it is through honesty that we experience growth and change…and this brings us back to the very thing we are looking to accomplish. Is this something you are willing to do, or, are you getting in your own way of accomplishing greatness?

In all honesty, does anyone really like to examine their own shortcomings? Even when we know that doing so can actually be a good thing, we can hesitate to do this because we simply don’t want to go through the process. However, today we can do this together. And, you just might find that as we walk through these seven questions it’s really not all that hard!

So, is it you who has been getting in your own way of accomplishing greatness?


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Are you one who dreams big or dreams small?

Don’t be afraid to dream big dreams. So often we limit our own selves by assuming that we can’t accomplish big things. We say no to the things we dream of doing because we convince ourselves that we are crazy for ever thinking such a thing was possible. Dreaming big dreams isn’t a prideful or arrogant thing, dreaming big is really nothing more than embracing your full potential.

Do you give in to your fears?

I know in my life, it is often my own fear that causes me to limit my dreams. It is my fear that causes me to avoid taking that first step. It is my own fear that keeps me stuck in neutral. What about you, do you give in to your fears?

Do you stop pushing when you reach a point of contentment?

Contentment is a very good thing in many ways, but in this context someone who stops when feeling content is one who stops driving forward. Contentment convinces us that we have arrived in some cases, and contentment can keep us stuck in the same place. While it is important to not be discontent within the context of envy or greed, being willing to keep pushing forward is important.

Do you expect perfection from yourself?

Ouch. I am guilty here if I am not careful. I can even become paralyzed by my perfectionistic tendencies. I even wrote about this in When Pursuing Perfection Becomes Procrastination. I know when I expect myself to be perfect, I lose all motivation to even get started in the first place.

Are you a minimalist?

Someone who is a minimalist is one who only wants to do enough to get by. They are people who do things to a certain point and then just stop moving, working, or doing. While we all need rest, relaxation, and to be a realist at times, being content to only do so much or go so far can be something that holds us back from accomplishing greatness.

Are you too busy or too stubborn to honestly see your shortcomings?

I think this is a skill that comes with maturity to some extent, but it is something that we can all do. Don’t be one who thinks that you don’t have much room to improve or can’t learn new things. Are you one who says, “I can’t help it, this is just the way I am?” If you are, this will keep you from accomplishing your full potential.

Are you open to really hearing others?

Oftentimes those who are closest to us can give us the best clues into areas that we can improve in. Of course this isn’t true when others are simply trying to hurt us in some way, but when someone speaks from their heart about something they see as a negative in us, it would be to our benefit to listen to what they say…and then truly examine if there is truth there. In most cases, there will be at least some element of truth.

Being able to take an honest look at ourselves often isn’t easy or fun, but it is an essential skill in accomplishing greatness. Working through these seven things really takes the overwhelm out of it, however.

If you seem to be stuck in the same place, try working through these things with an open mind and see where you can go!

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