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A Realistic Action Plan for Connecting With Other Moms

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a realsitic action plan for connecting with other momsFinding ways to connect with other moms is a major concern on the hearts of moms these days. I have a theory on this. I wonder if it is because so much of how we communicate or keep in touch with others lacks that personal touch. As much as I love the ease of sending someone a text or a message, it is not the same as talking to that person on the phone, which is still greatly different from talking to friends and loved ones in person. I think we often lack that depth of relationship we used to have back before so much of our communication could be hands off.

Isolation is at the root of moms who long to connect, and motherhood can be so isolating at times. It is so easy to feel alone in our struggles as we get a front row seat into the lives of other moms who have it all together according to the pictures we see on Facebook and other social media outlets. The more we feel unique in our struggles and challenges, the more disconnected we feel.

Connecting with other moms does so much to fill our hearts and souls just as I mentioned here and here. There is connecting with other moms, and then there is connecting with other moms, and I think you know just what I mean. It is nice to have friends who are more social friends in addition to friends with whom you share your soul. I will address both here.

To connect with moms on a social level you can:

  • Find a MOPS group in your area. Just go here, enter your zip code down towards the bottom, and see if there is a group near you. It will give you everything you need to know there. Looks like you pay a small fee, but it seems like it would be totally worth it to me.
  • Explore options for moms groups at a nearby church. This is usually a great place to meet moms of all ages. You could always attend a couple of services and find out more that way, too, but most churches have pretty good websites these days where you can find out everything they have to offer.sisters-437436_1280
  • Explore classes at your nearest library. Most libraries have classes or programs for kids and adults. Oftentimes there is a class for moms with lap children, one for moms with older children, and so on. Start attending, you will most likely meet some moms who are also looking to connect.
  • Don’t have any groups around you? Start one. Organize something for other moms in your neighborhood or larger community. This can seem overwhelming at times, but it really isn’t. Your house doesn’t have to be perfect and neither do your kids. In fact, most other moms find it a bit of a relief to see that you live life down in the trenches, too.
  • Go for a walk in your neighborhood and get to know your neighbors. This can be a great way to meet other moms. While you are out for a walk or are driving past, look for houses that look to have children and make a point of meeting the people who live there. Neighborhoods seem to be so withdrawn this days, which is so sad, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You may be the one who has to initiate though. foots-73310_1280
  • Join a moms group on Facebook. There are many to choose from. I have belonged to this one here for a long time. These groups are usually a great place to come for support, encouragement, advice, and even some validation. Try searching for “moms group for moms with young children,” or fill in the blank with whatever you are hoping you can have in common with the moms you would like to connect with.

All of the above options are great ways to connect with other moms on a social level. However, if you want to develop a deep connection, you are going to have to have to invest some time getting to know the other moms you meet, and you are going to have to put yourself out there. You may have to be the one to share things on a deeper level first. As I spoke of earlier, people are so guarded these days – it may take some time and effort for other moms to let their guard down. So often moms feel put under the microscope by other moms and always seem to feel as though they are being judged. Misjudged actually. For this reason, these moms may be hesitant at first to let you in. But just be a great friend on a consistent basis and see what happens.

Part of being human is connecting, truly connecting with others. We are not meant to be an island, and we as moms especially long for someone with whom we can share both the joys and sorrows we face. If you are married, your spouse will never be able to meet all your needs, and often we exhaust them trying to make them do just that. Some of our needs can only be met in the camaraderie we experience with genuine female friends.

Look for some of these groups in your area, form your own, or reach out and become truly transparent in a safe place on social media. It is amazing what the power of friendship can do for our spirits.

This is day four in a 15 days series taking us through the end of May.

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  1. I love this so much! I have a fantastic group of mothers in my area. We all met when we had our first babies, through a *free* support group at the hospital. There was a 0-6 month group and then a 6-12 month group and both were facilitated by a wonderful nurse practitioner. Now, seven years later, we remain close and sadly the program has been cut from our hospital’s budget. I often think of the new moms out there and wonder about them. We all need each other!

    1. What an awesome program for a hospital to offer! It so awesome to have a group of fiends who all watch each other’s children grow up.

    1. It is an organization that has been around forever. I have never been a part of it, but my friends who have do love it! Good luck!

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