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Being an Intentional Mom

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IMG_3119_2This is my Giggly Girl in the midst of command central.  Excuse the state of my office, but you know, keeping it real.

Anyhow, we rotate kids who get “special time” with mom in the evening, and although it was not her turn last night, she was needing some extra love, come to find out.

Since I was up to my eyeballs in office work and up against a deadline I had little to offer her, but she jumped at the chance to sit in my office and babysit my 140 page document that was printing while also taking care of some coupon clipping for me, and I continued working to meet my deadline right next to her.

We were like a well oiled machine, she and I, and she loved working alongside me on her “office work,” serving as my assistant for the evening.

Actually, I kind of liked having an assistant.  This may have to become a regular thing!

Take the ordinary moments you have and turn them into something extraordinary.

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