Busy Family? Here’s How a Mom of 8 Prepares For a Family Outing

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Lately, we are a family on the run. Baseball practices, baseball games, swim practices, swim meets, recitals, concerts, appointments, and on and on the list goes. We are forever going somewhere. I have packing for a family outing down to a science. In fact, much of our bag just stays packed these days since we are grabbing it several times a week. With so many kids and activities, we are one busy family.

With 8 kids, I’ve really come to learn what needs to come along when we are going to be gone for the better part of a day or evening. Primarily, I have learned these things because I haven’t had them when I’ve needed them while out and about. Lesson learned.

Things only become more complicated when we will be gone over a mealtime. So, I’ve even mastered certain meals that can be made and transported while we are a family on the run.

Are you a busy family? Here’s what should be in your bag, too.

busy family outing

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Extra clothes

We all know to bring extra clothes when our kids are babies, right? Well, I find this doesn’t end as they get older. If you don’t have extra clothes, somehow it will be your kids who end up getting spilled on ripping their pants on the car door, or sitting on the swing with the melted ice cream cone. Bring extra clothes for your kids. All of them. Seriously.




No matter how long you think an outing is going to take, it always seems to end up taking longer. Make sure you’ve got things to keep your kids entertained during the recital, baseball game, doctor’s appointment, or whatever. And then, bring extra stuff.



It might be raining when you leave, but you never know when things will clear up. There will also be the times that you are stuck waiting outside unexpectedly. Sunscreen is so easy to pack. Just throw it in your bag and be done with it.

Basic first aid supplies

You don’t have to go overboard here, but make sure you’ve got some various sizes of bandaids, some gauze and tape, burn cream, vaseline, and whatever else you feel you may need for some basic first aid. I also like to throw an extra cold pack into the cooler. You never know when it will be your kid who gets kicked in the face at the park. An ice pack can be a life saver.


Pain medication

I always make sure I’ve got some pain relief on hand. Ibuprofen, acitominiphen, or whatever your pain relief of choice is, make sure you’ve got it with you.

Allergy medication

I have a few kids and a husband who suffer from allergies year round. Even if they are fine when we leave home, it is possible that they will end up with the itchy, watery eyes and the runny nose if I leave home without their allergy medications.

I happen to LOVE Hyland’s Allergy Relief. I have found nothing that even comes close to working as effectively as this does, and it is completely safe to use, which brings me such peace of mind. Gentle and homeopathic, there are no side effects or interactions with other medications to worry about. Click on it for more details.

I have been a longtime fan of so many Hyland’s products, but if you’re looking for some amazing allergy relief, give their seasonal allergy tablets a try. They are dissolvable, which means my younger kids who can’t swallow pills can take them.


Extra snacks

These come in handy anytime since kids are forever hungry. At least mine are.

Plastic bag

I always make sure I’ve got a plastic bag with me. This comes in handy if your kids do get wet or dirty somehow since you’ve got someplace to put their wet or dirty things.


Simple meals

There are so many meals we take on the road. We have done pizza, egg sandwiches, hot dogs, sub sandwiches, homemade lunchables, and more. We’ve even done our favorite mac and cheese and brought some bowls and spoons along. If eating out isn’t an option, figure out some simple meals like these to take along on the road.


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Baby wipes

These can clean up the most amazing messes in a pinch. And while out and about, kids can seem to get into the biggest messes imaginable. These wipes are the absolute best ones I have found. They are just like cloth! Click on it for more details.

Life just goes and goes sometimes, leaving us no choice but to go right along with it. Being armed with a few basic necessities will make those unexpected events that creep up so much easier to manage.


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