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Do you know how to use your time on the weekend to ensure that a really great week follows? Now that school is in full swing for most of us it is time to do what we can to make sure that our days go smoothly. The weekends are great for relaxing. But, the weekends are also a great time to do a few things to help plan for a better week.

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This post, which addresses planning on the weekend, has been one of my most widely read posts. So, I have expanded and updated it with even more useful tips that cover a wide variety of common areas within the heartbeat of a family.

weekend prep checklist

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If your home is anything like mine, the weeks are a whirlwind. Not only is there the daily grind to contend with, but there are also things like doctors appointments, meetings for various things, and errands to run. Then, you throw the out of the ordinary and completely unplanned things into the mix, and you could very well have a recipe for disaster.

While weekends are for enjoying, if you take a bit of time to make preparations for the week ahead you will often find yourself with less stressful weekdays. After all, who can’t use a few more of those?!

I have created a checklist of things we do that help get things started off on the right foot come Monday morning. With the more relaxed atmosphere that the weekend often brings, it is easier to think some of these things through than it is in the midst of the daily operations. Following some of these things in your own home could provide you with some smooth sailing during the week as well.

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  • Review the calendar for the week and plug the out of the ordinary things into your daily list planner as I mentioned in Why I Make Lists and Why You Should, Too. Make a note of where you will have larger blocks of time to complete larger tasks. You can also find more time efficient strategies in How I Found an Extra Hour in My Day as well as How I Get Everything Done
  • Organize bills that will need to be taken care of or other household tasks like prescriptions that need to be refilled or phone calls that need to be made
  • Answer any emails or return any phone calls that can be made on the weekend


  • Menu plan, create shopping list, clip coupons and organize them by store
  • Complete what shopping you can
  • Pull recipes you will be using, or, if on the computer, write down exactly where to find them
  • Snacks and desserts prepared. This is a big one in our house. Making sure we have enough make ahead breakfast foods, desserts, and snacks prepared ahead of time is essential since we have so many people eating
  • Get as much prep work done as you can. Cut vegetables and fruits for lunches, cook chicken, prepare parts of recipes. Basically, do whatever you can in order to be your own sous chef


  • Have a general layout for lesson plans for the week. Include preschool activities, learning activities, and individual activities you plan to incorporate for younger kids.
  • Grade all work
  • Complete any preparation work that needs to be done


  • Read any notes/emails that were sent and address whatever needs to be addressed regarding them
  • Unpack and repack backpacks
  • Oversee homework and assignments
  • Double check communication method the school uses to make sure that any events are noted on calendar and in daily planning list

 Kids Activities

  • Have equipment located and gathered together for any activities. Trust me, there is nothing worse than tearing apart the garage looking for a batting glove when you are already running late. Not that I have done this or anything 😉
  • If younger kids will be sitting through games or activities, make sure that you have your going away bag packed including any fresh snacks
  • Clean out car and fill up tank for the busy week ahead. It is really gross to find last week’s banana wedged in between the seat. Equally frustrating is to find yourself with an empty gas tank with no time to spare. Take it from someone who has experienced both of these things—more than once.

Although you will have to sacrifice some time on the weekend, I think you may find that the ease that doing so creates during the week is well worth it.

Do you have a weekend routine that gives way to an easier week?

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  1. This is our first year homeschooling and weekends are still a struggle for me. I know what I SHOULD do on Sunday afternoon to get ready for the week but sometimes the list feels overwhelming. Thanks for sharing your tips!

    1. You’re welcome, Pam. Welcome to the homeschooling journey! Hopefully you can find other helpful things here, every few days I generally post something homeschool related. If you have a question, just ask, I love helping others with homeschooling!

    1. Hi Kristy! I’m glad you found some things you can use. I find it so helpful to get things done over the weekend, you will love having a smoother week. I also have a post called 8 Meal Prep Tips That Will Save You Loads of Time that you might like!

  2. I love this post! I do all these things except homeschool. Lists and calendars are my friends. I really love your blog–so full of common sense advice! Keep up the great work!

    1. Isn’t it so helpful to take care of some of these things on the weekend? It really does make such a huge difference in the upcoming week!

  3. This is great. I do a lot of these on the weekends as well. I also set out clothes for the next couple of days, and pack the after school activity bags ready to go. We have swimming lessons, dancing and football during the week, as well as school/kinder/day care/work/study, so our full weeks wouldn’t run as smoothly if I didn’t do all the prep work on the weekend.

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