How I Saved $1,000 on Appliance Repair (psst. you can, too!)

Does saving $1,000 on appliance repair sound good to you?! Me, too! Trust me, I am not an expert in appliance repair, I am just a girl on a tight budget who had no choice but to become resourceful. With the Internet, life is so different these days. I try to explain to my kids about what life was … [Read more...]

Whoopsie! This is Actually the Most Read Post of the Week!

Sorry, I zipped right past this one! This is actually the most read post on the blog throughout the entire history of more than 600 posts! Enjoy! 15 Frugal Tips for Feeding a Large Family: UPDATE     … [Read more...]

Ten Simple Tips to Save Your Family Money

These days it seems that everyone is needing to save money. Expenses are high for many, and every little bit counts. With a large family to care for, I have had to get a bit creative in making ends meet. I am no stranger to being a smart shopper and savvy saver, but since we are in another season of … [Read more...]

12 Hidden Places Your Money Might Be Going

So there are numerous ways to save money as I have written about here, here, and even here, but have you thought about some of these less obvious money wasters? Sometimes we can save money simply by getting rid of things we really aren’t using or by paying attention to fees we are paying without … [Read more...]

Five Easy Ways to Earn Money Without Leaving Your Home

Living a frugal lifestyle means constantly being on the lookout for easy ways to save some money.  We are all busy, life seems to go at such a dizzying speed these days, but here are a few quick and easy ways to earn a little “free money” doing something you most likely already do, and you don’t … [Read more...]

Sign up for the FREE Stress-Free-Homemaking online course! Yes, FREE!

So when I read about this series of 4 stress free videos on homemaking for FREE over on Money Saving Mom, I was so excited! Free and videos make me very excited. So does the idea of tips and tricks about cleaning, obviously since I post things about this all the time. I am always looking for ways to … [Read more...]