Your Kids Can Cook?! (yes, and here’s how to teach them!)

Your kids can cook?

I hear this question all the time from exasperated moms who are looking for just a bit of relief. Meals are never-ending in a family, and they are also one of the most mundane things we as moms need to handle.

“Your kids can cook?” people ask. And I tell them, yes they can.


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Yes, my kids can cook. My kids can because I taught them to cook.

Trust me, you will want to teach your kids to cook, too.

Your kitchen might get dirty, and it will take time, but trust me, you want to teach your kids to cook.


It’s true that when they cook, your kitchen will still get messy. That up there is a picture I shared on Instagram of my 14 year old son cooking. The kitchen is a frightful mess, but the point is that I wasn’t cooking because he was. You can follow me on Instagram HERE, by the way. I often share behind the scenes pictures there.

You may have heard me talk before about how valuable it is to have older kids who are able to pitch in and help around the house, and this includes in the kitchen.

One of the things we talk about in our family all the time is that everyone likes having a mom and dad who can drive them all over the place and homeschool them, but that also means that they have to help out in order to make all of this happen.

We talk all the time about how we work as a team in our family and that everyone has a valuable part to play in just about everything that needs to be done.

And that includes cooking!

I have three kids who are completely able to make all three meals on their own, and then I have two others who can handle breakfast and lunch. We are still working on training these two on the skills it takes to master dinner, which is no easy feat in our house since meals feed 10 people!

I can say that we are having a ton of fun teaching and learning with these two, however, because we are using an e-course that I became familiar with a short time ago. It’s called Kids Cook Real Food, and it’s actually created by a mom and blogger who lives just a neighborhood over from me.

Be sure to check out the video from Katie at the end of this post!


Actually, my older kids and I have learned a thing or two in this course as well LOL!!!

Katie does an excellent job with this e-course not only in teaching kids to cook, but also to do it safely while having fun at the same time. Even my four year old is joining in the fun! My two year old likes to think he is…


Here’s a little list of what is covered in the course, and you can see that it has three different levels:


•Carrying glass dishes to serve


•Peeling vegetables

•Slicing with a dull knife

•Dull knife cross hatch pattern

•Measuring ingredients – spoons and cups

•Blending spice mixes

•Soaking dry beans

•Careful Pouring

•Making a salad

•Working with dough

•Peeling hard-boiled eggs


•Setting the table

•Making homemade salad dressings

•Introduction to sharp knives

•Cracking eggs

•Mixing simple recipes independently

•Cooking rice

•Stovetop safety

•Flipping pancakes

•Rolling dough

•Browning ground beef


•Sautéing vegetables

•Using a small appliance (food processor taught)

•Sharp knife skills, levels 1-4 (straight vegetables, peppers, onions, melons, apples)

•Crushing garlic

•Making a white sauce/cheese sauce

•Oven safety

•Cooking eggs

•Steaming vegetables

•Cooking dry beans

•Washing the table

Here the stuff that I really like about the course:

•8 weeks of class but you can move at your own pace, taking as much time as you need

•3 age levels, since I’ve got all different aged kids

•all age levels work to make one meal or snack where everyone contributes, we always do things together

•over 30 basic skills

•over 45 videos, including bonus “Foundations 101” videos and PDFs in addition to the 8 classes with 5 videos each. My kids love learning with videos

•over 250 pages of material, I prefer to read

•recipe eBooklet with kid-friendly recipes, written just for kids

•VIP level with additional bonuses, like a hospitality class, extension recipe eBooklet, exclusive Facebook group for support, 3-month membership to Super Healthy Kids meal plans, and more. (with the paid upgrade package)

It gets even better!

Want to know a great way to get a feel for Katie and how she teaches? Sign up for the FREE knife skills class HERE. 

Take it from someone whose older kids make meals all the time, the time you spend teaching your kids to cook will be WELL worth it!

Check out this video!!!

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  1. I’ve watched the Kids Cook Real Food free videos. Can you tell me how much the actual course costs. I can’t find that info anywhere on her website.

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