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Spent Too Much on Christmas? Here’s Your Free Budget Help

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It can happen to the best of us. With as closely as I’ve watched my pennies over the years, it’s even happened to me! That’s right. We’re talking about overspending today.

While overspending can happen at any time of the year, it is certainly a common problem during the Christmas buying spree. This is often gives way to what I call the after Christmas hangover.

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It can happen for all kinds of reasons, really.

Smart marketing, the ease of upgrading purchases, and the convenience of shopping online, are just a few of the things that can get us into a mess.

Have you taken a step back and realized you’ve spent more than you thought?

Here’s what you can do right now to take back control in your holiday spending.

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Stop spending

Seems obvious, and it is, but stop spending any money on anything that is not a necessity.

Stop looking

Don’t even look for deals or things you think you might want to buy anymore. This is true even if you are shopping some amazing sales, which can be so common this time of the year.

If you’ve already spent too much and you’re looking to do damage control at this point, stop looking for more to buy.

Let it go

Whatever it is you think you need or want to buy right now will still be there next week, next month, or in a few months. Just let the thought of buying anything go from your mind.

Create a budget

If you’ve overspent, the only thing you can do aside from returning purchases (which is an option) is to come up with a written plan. This means a budget. Creating a budget, which is nothing more than a clear accounting of where you money is coming and going is the best way to do damage control.

Learn from it

How did you get into this place of overspending? Spent some time really thinking through this and answering this question. This will allow you to put safeguards in place for next year so you can avoid the same thing.

While none of us likes spending too much on Christmas, it happens. But, there are things you can do to help stop the bleeding, so to speak.

Put these things into practice now and get yourself back on your budget track.

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