Coming Soon – A Homeschooling Series

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As I am planning blog posts for the next little bit, I wanted to give you all a heads up to a series that will be coming your way.

Beginning Monday, a five day series covering some of the most commonly asked homeschooling questions by those who are thinking about homeschooling, just starting out, or looking for a different way of doing things.

Monday’s post will cover five ways to keep younger ones entertained while schooling older children

Tuesday’s post will cover five more things to keep these young ones out of your hair while schooling

Wednesday’s post will cover what the older-ish kids can do while you are busy homeschooling other siblings.  I find this is actually something that needs to be addressed since it is a perfect opportunity for school aged children to waste their time since you are “distracted” teaching someone else.

Thursday’s post will cover things that older siblings can teach younger siblings.  When homeschooling a large family, it is often a family affair out of necessity.

Friday’s post will close out the series on an organizational note.  What to do with everything?!

Be sure to check in every day next week for some great ways to get yourself off on the right foot or to get yourself back on course.  Subscribing over on the right hand side of the page is also a great way of making sure you don’t accidentally miss something you don’t intend to.  It will send the latest posts right to your email.

Homeschooling is a family affair on so many levels, and the more time you put in proactively to organize various aspects of your homeschool the more efficiently the day will go for both the teacher and the student(s).

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