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The Productivity Secret You’ve Been Missing

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Hey, you there.

Do you know the secret to productivity?

I’ll give you the short and sweet version: it’s called a reboot, and it’s the best thing to ever happen to your day.

Did you also know that I specialize in being productive? I don’t know that I necessarily started out that way, but with a family of 10 to coordinate and 8 kids who I homeschool, I have certainly needed to figure it out STAT!

Grab my free cheat sheet of 10 amazing productivity tips below.

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Think about your computer. If it’s anything like mine, it gets bogged down, tired, and starts working at a snail’s pace. It runs hot, the fan never shuts off, and it is nothing but a pain in the rear to work with.

You might deal with it for a time while wishing it away, but in the end, you can only fight it for so long. Eventually, you end up shutting it down, forcing it to reboot.

Aren’t people kind of like a computer?

If you are like me, you can get tired, you get bogged down, and your body temperature can soar way above its normal rate.

When this happens to you, to me, or to anyone, we all just need a reboot. In reality, we just need a kick in the pants.

So, what’s a reboot?

Here’s how the reboot works, and here’s how it can be the secret to productivity.

productivity tips

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Begin by dividing your day into between two and four logical time segments

My day is divided into four: the beginning of the day until before nap time, nap time until just before dinner, from dinner through the time my kids all under 10 get into bed, and from the time all my little ones get to bed until I go to bed.

Carve out 10 minutes at the beginning of each of your time segments

This time, this 10 minute “pocket of calm” as I call it, is the reboot. This is the time you need every day to catch your breath.

Assess your day

During your reboot, take this time to assess your day. Determine what went wrong while also being certain to make a note of what went right.

Make adjustments

After you’ve made an assessment of your day, you should make adjustments as needed. For me, this often means reprioritizing.

Let go 

All those things that didn’t go like you thought…just let go of some of them. Let go of the things that just won’t happen today, and of course, you’ll have to embrace all the things that happened that you didn’t plan for as well.

Give grace

Give yourself plenty of grace for the things that are different from what you had originally planned. Grace is so important, but it is often the thing we struggle with most.

Move forward without looking back

You can’t change what happened with your day anyway, so you need to move forward without moving back. You’ve made adjustments, let go, and given yourself grace, so now it’s time to move forward without looking back.

And the beauty is, all you need to do is move forward to the next time you get to reboot. You’re only moving forward little bits at a time. Oftentimes, it can be so overwhelming to have to think of too much more.

For the purpose of this reboot, move forward to your next reboot time.

If you haven’t discovered the secret of the reboot, you haven’t ever been able to maximize your productivity…and it will change your life!


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  1. This is truly so simple, and yet I overlook it so often. I’m setting reminders in my phone to reboot today at the top of each time block (my 4 are the same as yours, and I’ve only ever rebooted at the start of nap time…never at the top of the other 3). Thanks for this encouragement.

    1. you’re welcome! I know, it’s simple, but so powerful! Let me know how it goes!

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