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Patriotic Red, White & Blue Drink For Kids

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So often festive holidays, especially during the summer, are focused on drinks for the adults. But, what about the kids? With Fourth of July right around the corner in the United States, now is the perfect time to get what you need so you can whip up this simple Fourth of July drink for the kiddos in your life.

I’ll be honest. I was working on this one for a long time in order to get it to work and to taste great.

It took a lot of playing around with various drink options and assembly methods. Finally, I have found a drink that tastes amazing and that keeps each individual layer separate for the full red, white, and blue effect.

For this reason, for best results, you will want to follow these instructions closely. Otherwise, you may not end up with each drink layer being contained. If you are not careful, the layers can and will mix together.

Make this red, white & blue drink for the kids in your life, and you’ll be the hero of the party (or maybe just your kitchen)

patriotic drink

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For this recipe you will need:

  • Rose’s grenadine syrup
  • Gatorade fierce grape (it’s actually blue)
  • sparkling water


I want to give you a caution here. The ability to keep the layers separate depends on the sugar level of the drinks you are using. This is why you can’t use a clear and sugared liquid on the top. Sparkling water can be flavored, but just make sure that it has no sugar.

Start by crushing your ice. I just used my food processor. The crushed ice really is part of the secret because it helps hold the different layers in place. And, my kids LOVE crushed ice so it has the added bonus of making the drink even more fun.

Once you have your crushed ice ready, you are ready to begin with the assembly process.

Fill each glass about 1/3 full with crushed ice.

Begin with the red drink first since it has the highest sugar content, which makes it the heaviest layer.

Pour it carefully down the side of the glass so that you’re getting minimal red on the actual ice.

Next, add another layer of crushed ice to make the glass 2/3 cups full of crushed ice.

Now, pour the blue layer down the side of the glass just as you did the red.

Finally, fill the last 1/3 of the cup full of crushed ice. Add the clear layer down the side of the glass.

Add a straw and enjoy! It’s kid approved around here!

fourth july party idea

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