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How to Have More Time In Your Day

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Can you really have more hours in a day? Well, not technically I suppose, but there are some things that you can focus on that will greatly help with your efficiency. It is amazing how just making a few simple changes can really open our eyes to some bad habits that we may have in place…or ways that we can do something better or in a different way that can give us more time in a day.

Here are some simple ways that you can have more time in your day.


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I know, this can be a hard one if you’re not a planning person, but it just can’t be left off the list. Working with a daily plan, at least an overall outline of how you expect your day to work out is a time saver. You are not wasting time thinking about what to do, and you can schedule things in a way that makes the most sense and is the most efficient. How and where you plan is a personal thing, I happen to love this Mom’s Life Binder. There is also a homeschool option. You can find them both here. To see what’s in these planner, you can read my post on how the right planner really can make a difference.

Have a mission statement

Wondering why a mission statement is necessary? I shared 10 reasons why you want a mission statement and I even walk you through how to create one in my book, but having a mission statement ensures that you are spending your time on the things you should be spending your time on…and the things you want to spend your time on. A mission statement also helps you know where you are going.

Know your limitations

It is so easy to feel that having limitations means you are weak, but I find it to be the opposite. Admitting to having limitations, knowing what they are, and then standing by them is actually a sign of strength in my book. We all have limitations – and we should! Knowing what yours are will help you avoid wasting time by avoiding things you shouldn’t be doing.


Delegating is also a very good thing that can sometimes be seen as a weakness. Delegating things to others not only makes your life easier and frees up some time for you, but it also gives others the opportunity to work on something that may be new to them. This is especially true when you delegate things to your kids. It can be a wonderful learning opportunity.

Learn to say no

Learning to give a gracious no is essential when it comes to guarding your time. Saying no to the things you should be saying no to gives you more control over your time, and therefore more time. We did a book study together all about saying no. This is the book we read, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Know yourself

Know how you effectively give out and how you refill. This refers to being aware of what your personality is. Taking this quiz is an excellent way to find out a lot about yourself, and I find it to be very effective in doing this. When you know yourself, you can more efficiently give to others and give to yourself as well. Knowing yourself is key in having more time in your day.

Get some goals

Goals are not overwhelming and they are not an opportunity for failure, as long as you are setting goals that are set up for success. I have all kinds of posts here about goals such as What’s the Point Of Setting Goals, So You’ve Set Some Goals, The Anatomy of an Effective Goal, and Do Your Goals Spell Success. These are all great reads when it comes to goals because it is all about setting goals that you can actually achieve.

Admit failure

Don’t be afraid to admit failure. If you are, you can waste all kinds of time pursuing things that you should no longer be pursuing. The truth is, there are plenty of things we do that don’t turn out quite the way we thought they would. If some of these things need to be let go of, don’t be afraid to do so.

Ask for help

This is another thing that is not a sign of being weak, although it can be viewed as such. Asking for help is an easy way to clear up some time in your schedule, and it can be so freeing to have help as well. It can occur in a variety of ways from setting up a carpool to hiring someone to help with things like cleaning, laundry, or babysitting younger kids. But asking for help is so smart.

Don’t be afraid

Don’t be afraid to do the hard stuff. Don’t be afraid to pursue your passions. Don’t be afraid to take on something that brings you out of your comfort zone if it is something that is in line with your mission statement and the season of life that you are in. Don’t let fear be a stumbling block. Get out there and seize your day and your life.

Wouldn’t we all love more time? I know I would. These are some things you can start doing today to give you a bit more time in your daily life!

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  1. Thanks for the great tips you have shared. Planning your day is definitely the best way to have more time in your day.

    I always plan my day in the morning just after working up with a “to do list”. I write everything I want to accomplish within that day and this has really helped me in managing my life and time better.

    1. Yes, writing makes such a difference. For me, it gives me that accountability factor since I have to stare at it once it’s written. And, I do add things to my list if I accomplish something additional – just so I can cross it off! Do you do that?

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