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Maybe This Is Why You’re Stressed Out All the Time

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Stress comes in all shapes and sizes and for a variety of reasons. Sometimes stress is something that is completely beyond our control while other times the stress that weighs us down is actually something we bring on to ourselves without meaning to. Being stressed out is serious, and it can leave you feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, and downright depressed. But, before you can get rid of the stress, you have to know what’s causing all those feelings of being stressed out. As a mom of 9, I understand stress. I’ve come to learn that this one thing is often to blame.

Ready to hear what it is?

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It’s your calendar.

Let me tell you what I mean.

For most of us, we say yes too often. We take on too much. In many cases we bite off more than we can chew. We agree to things without fully thinking through how they will actually work. For most of us, we feel bad or awkward saying no, so we say yes instead.

Truly looking at your calendar is more than just glancing at it to look for conflicts.

If you are looking to get rid of some of the stress and overwhelm that an overpacked calendar and schedule can bring into your life, you must examine your calendar with these certain things in mind.

Here are 6 reasons why you’re probably more stressed out than you need to be.

why stressed out

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You have no idea what you should be doing

You may have heard me say this so many times before. Creating a mission statement is a vital tool. And, with an accurate and realistic mission statement in place you will know exactly what you should be doing & what you shouldn’t.

Your mission statement is the first thing to consult when deciding what to do. Knowing what your current mission is allows you to spend more of your time doing what you actually want to do. Likewise, you’ll spend less time doing the things you really don’t want to do.

When you have a mission statement, you can make sure that you are spending your time where you really want and need to to accomplish the things you really want to do.


You aren’t clear on your roles

Who depends on you and for what? Should these people be depending on you for these things, or, are some of these roles things that should be delegated elsewhere?

So often, we are doing things that others can and should be doing for themselves.

If fulfilling too many roles is wearing you down, it could be because a few of these roles should be delegated to someone else.

Taking your correct roles into account when thinking of putting something into your schedule will ensure that you have enough to give to the people who really matter – including yourself!

You aren’t taking your season into account

I have written of the importance of taking your season into account before, but it is such a vital ingredient in combating feelings of being stressed out.

What you might have to say no to is only something you have to say no to for now because of your current season.

Saying no can be stressful. But, realizing that it’s a only a temporary no can take the stress right out.

Seasons change, which means that there may be another time when something would fit much more smoothly into your life. Read how to identify your season here.

You don’t even recognize your own unhappiness

Wow. If this thought convicts you, it has me too at times.

So often we run ourselves ragged like busy little bees only to be completely unhappy because of it. We accept stress and unhappiness as something that is just part of life.

While there are things that stress us out and make us unhappy that we can’t control, there are things we can control.

why stressed out

When you step back and look at what is on your calendar in the days and weeks to come, are you happy with what you see?

If not, change it!

There are always things you can do to make changes to your daily life.

This is an excellent book on boundaries, and it can greatly help you learn how to protect your own happiness while also limiting your daily stress and strain.

You are wasting your time every day

It is so easy to waste time here and there. These could be little pockets of time that are relatively small, but when added together can add up to big time wasters.

I know in my life, I can so easily slip back into bad habits of wasting time, or, at least not using time as efficiently as I could be. Read 10 Common Time Wasters to see if you are guilty of any of these.

You are letting things steal your time

There are some really simple ways that you can take back some of the time that we so often give away. Read 5 Ways to Take Back Your Time to really get on top of controlling your time in a more proactive way. These are all little and quite simple things. But, they can really make a huge difference in giving you more blank space in your calendar.

Life is busy, I get that.

Being stressed out is just something that we have to deal with at times.

However, sometimes our own choices can end up sabotaging our best efforts to live a life we love.

If you’re wondering why your feeling stressed out all the time, your calendar and your schedule could be to blame.

Are these six things part of your life?

Once you recognize them, you can start changing them!

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