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How Working Moms Can Manage the Home

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As a busy working mom of 9, I know how hard it is to keep everything going. There are work demands, countless things that need to be done in the home, numerous responsibilities with our kids & more. Wouldn’t it be great if on top of all that, it was possible to feel like you could breathe a little? Maybe even have some fun? How can working moms manage a home? I’ve not always been a working mom, and I can say it’s hard to manage a home as a stay at home mom, too. There’s just a lot to keep going no matter what. But, no matter what kind of mom you are, or maybe you’re not a mom at all and are just looking for a way to manage your home better. It took me many years, but I finally found the answer that will help moms save time, manage their stress, and save their sanity with some simple home management.

Home management systems.

This might not surprise you if you’ve ever tried to juggle various roles in your life and home.

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Systems are an essential ingredient in running a bustling household. With 9 kids ranging in age from 18 down to 1, I can tell you that these specific eight systems are the answer to helping working moms manage their homes.

If you have been feeling overwhelmed, lacking direction, short on patience, or easily distracted, a lack of proper and effective systems could very well be to blame.

The logistics of these eight systems change over time just as seasons, demands, and schedules change. But these are the eight tried and true systems that will help working moms keep an organized, clean (or clean enough), and stress free home.

Here’s how working moms can manage their home much more easily.

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Clutter needs a home management system for all busy women

If there is one thing that makes me crazy, it is clutter. Clutter causes people to lose things, including their minds, and having systems in place to deal with clutter is key. When starting to think about clutter, think about these things to get started

  • where to put stuff that makes the most sense (put things where you use them)
  • how often you need to tackle clutter to stay on top of it enough to stay sane
  • who else in the family can take part in helping deal with it (there are 11 of us – I can’t do it all)

A system to deal with clutter is an essential part of home management for any busy mom.

Looking for help getting rid of clutter? Our decluttering questions will help you know what to keep and what to get rid of. Just tell us where to send them below!

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A basic budget is essential in home management

Having a basic, or even an extensive, budget in place is system number two.

Simply put, a budget is an accounting of the money coming and going out of your family’s checkbook. And it must be in written form whether on paper or electronically.

If you need help with a budget, I’ve got two ways to help.

You can sign up for our 5 day Budget Bootcamp HERE

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Have a family calendar & schedule for home management

It doesn’t matter whether you are a techie person or an old fashioned one when it comes to keeping calendars and schedules. Having a family calendar and schedule is essential.

When it comes to home management, there are so many things to schedule. As moms, we are often the one who handles many of these.

But, do you have to be the one to manage them all?

Here’s a few things maybe someone else in your family could help with.

  • car maintenance
  • home maintenance
  • household needs/repairs
  • doctor’s appointments

Ideally, those who are old enough can take responsibility for their own things as well as putting them in the family calendar. But, starting with a system that works is key.

In our home, we use both a digital and written system to keep everything organized.

We love the Cozi calendar for everyone to share. My husband and older kids can use this same app on their phone. Not only do they know what’s going on then, but they can also put their own things into the calendar.

I also have my planner, so I transfer from Cozi to my planner.

This is the planner I love and have been using for years HERE

Delegate a CEO (master home manager)

  • Who is the one who will oversee all the systems that you put in place?
  • Who will oversee that everyone is doing what they should be doing?
  • Also, who will delegate things?
  • Who will keep things running smoothly?
  • Which family member will schedule and oversee family meetings?

Of course, different family members can be responsible for different things. Things can be divided between husbands and wives, and in some cases, kids.

But, having a CEO or a person who is “in charge” of things helps keep things running smoothly. Read How to Be the CEO of Your Family for more.

Know how you will manage paper clutter

Having a system in place for paper is so needed in my home. Paper creates clutter, but the paper monster can be so overwhelming that paper needed a category all its own.

There is mail, school papers, permission slips, kids art work, receipts, warranties, tax information, insurance information, and so much more.

These things can quickly get out of control, which is why having a system in place for dealing with paper is one of the eight essential systems that need to be in place when it comes to how working mom manage the home.

clean kitchen table

Meal planning is part of home management

Meals are never-ending. Since most people in a family appreciate being fed, meals can be a major source of stress by default.

Included in meal planning are these things to think about:

  • First, who decides what to eat?
  • Who makes the shopping list?
  • Then, who shops?
  • Who puts the groceries away?
  • Who makes the meals? (It doesn’t always have to be the same person!)

These can all be tackled by implementing one simple system – meal planning.

I’ve got a ton of help for busy and working moms in this area. Check out these additional posts:

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freezer staples

Home schedules and routines are so essential for working moms

Knowing what day you clean, organize, handle laundry, deal with office manager duties, and more avoids the stress of trying to make it all happen.

This is where our cleaning schedule can help. Enter your email to grab it:

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I have an office day, which is when I handle all the bills, phone calls, household emails, scheduling, and things like that.

I also have a laundry schedule that tells us what days we wash:

  • each person’s laundry (older kids do their own, younger kids help with theirs)
  • towels
  • bedding
  • blankets get washed
  • extra stuff

Kids schedule of activities & responsibilities is part of home management

Having a schedule of what your kids are supposed to do when creates the routine that kids crave. And the sanity working moms need in home management.

When do your kids:

  • make their beds
  • brush their teeth
  • get dressed and undressed
  • take care of any additional responsibilities
  • when do they have practices or activities
  • and how do you keep that all straight?

These are all things that a home manager needs to put in place.

The family whiteboard calendar is a lifesaver because everyone can read it! It’s been my favorite system ever!

Click the one we use for more details:

Melissa and Doug also has this chore board, which has always been a huge hit in our house. Having a regular schedule and routine for your kids that both you and they know and can follow is a major stress buster!

weekly planning checklist

Click on it for more details:


Knowing just how working moms can manage the home isn’t easy. But, with years of experience and 11 people to keep track of, I’ve discovered a few key things to keep in place.

These eight systems are the secret. If you’ve got just these eight systems, you will have less stress, more time, and better relationships with the people in our home.

Home management systems are a working mom’s best friend!

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