Indoor Energy Burning Activities for Little Ones

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When going outside or heading to the nearest mall play area just aren’t an option, it can be so hard to stay inside with kids who have waaaay to much energy.  The following activities that burn off some energy have been a life saver for me at times.

  • Dance Party ~ this entertained my oldest kids when they were younger for hours.  We did this so much during the winter months.  They loved it, and I even loved it since it was so much fun to watch.  Turn on the music, and crank it up.  Let the kids choose the music, even if it means that you listen to the same songs over and over again.  Let them dance, let them spin, let them roll around on the floor in laughter.  It all burns off the energy that is driving you nuts!
  • Rice Box ~ this was something that was recommended by a speech therapist who was working with my oldest son when he was only 3.  It engages their senses, provides “out of the box” play, and keeps them entertained.  It can be costly to get started, but will be so worth it in the end.  It is simple: get a big Rubbermaid type container that is shallow, like an under the bed storage container, and fill it with rice.  Fill it with toys like cups, cars, and other toys that are typically fun to play with in a sandbox
  • Bubbles ~ spread out a big blanket and blow bubbles for little ones to pop or even blow for each other.  Clean up is nothing more than throwing the blanket in the washer, or just fold it up for next time
  • Sing Songs With Motions ~ like head shoulders knees and toes, I’m a little teapot, the wheels on the bus, hickory dickory dock, and whatever other songs have motions that you know
  • Hide and Seek ~ often once you get them started, they will continue long after you drop out
  • Exercising ~ even the youngest of kids like to do sit ups, push ups, and jumping jacks

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