7 Ironing Hacks You Want to Know (from someone who is allergic to ironing!)

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If I were to be honest, I would tell you that my deep loathing for ironing leaves me to wonder if I am actually allergic to it! I am generally a person who doesn’t like tedious things. At least to some degree, and quite frankly, I find ironing to be so boring and tedious that I would rather clean toilets than I would iron. Ironing hacks have become a necessity in my life for this reason.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate the crispness of a freshly pressed shirt, but I am just not willing to go through the motions of actually getting that beautiful shirt. Although taking things to the dry cleaners would be the easy fix, that just isn’t in our budget.

Of course we all know that at times, we will need to actually look nice. Often, this will include a shirt, pants, skirt, or dress that is free from wrinkles.

Always willing to experiment when it comes to trying things new ways, I have discovered a few tips for myself and my “allergy” when it comes to anything ironing related.


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1. Invest in a  wrinkle releaser such as Downy Wrinkle Releaser 

This is the one I have.

You can even use water in a spray bottle in a pinch, and then smooth the wrinkles with your hands as you do a quick dry with your blow dryer. Just be sure that your fabric will not get water stained. Oftentimes rayon will do this. Silk will, too.

2. Don’t overpack your closet

I also have to be mindful of this as I dry our shirts on hangers when I am not using my clothes dryer. Overstuffing your closet is a sure-fire way to have a wrinkly mess on your hands.

3. Pay attention to what fabrics you are buying

Cotton is the worst in attracting wrinkles, seemingly out of nowhere! Anything with polyester, nylon, or rayon is better. I truly do pay attention to what I buy to avoid having to iron. Sad, I know.

4. Invest in “wrinkle free” or “wrinkle resistant” shirts and pants

Back when my husband was in sales and had to dress up for work every day, these were a lifesaver for me.

5. If you have a flat iron for your hair, it can be an amazing iron, too

Just put it on the lowest setting.

6. If you have several things that really have to be ironed, even after trying the above tricks, invest in a simple handheld steamer

This one gets rave reviews on Amazon, and as of right now it is on sale for 40% off. Score!

7. Get creative!

Maybe you can swap services with someone who will do your ironing for you. There are people out there who love to iron (my mom is one of them!). Maybe you can make a a couple of meals for a friend in exchange for her ironing skills. In fact, maybe she will just welcome an afternoon of free babysitting for her kids while she is taking care of your ironing! Think outside the box, and start asking friends if they love ironing for sport 🙂

Although I try to avoid ironing at all costs, there are times when someone just needs to look their best, which means wrinkle-free. I have put these hacks to the test numerous times. They will work for you, too.

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