Is It Bedtime Yet?!

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Are you feeling exhausted, Mom? Not the can’t-keep-your-eyes-open kind of tired, although this may apply, too, but the if-there-is-one-more-thing-that-I-have-to-deal-with-this-morning kind of complete and total depleted exhaustion. Do you find yourself asking, “Is it bedtime, yet?!”

If you can answer yes to the above question, let me share that I am right there with you.


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I thought maybe we could swap stories of our morning, and find strength in knowing that there are others of us who are wishing it was bedtime. Not bedtime for the kids, bedtime for us.

I’ll start.

These are the things I have heard already this morning.

  • “Mom, the cat threw up outside your bedroom door and I didn’t notice until I stepped in it and tracked it down the hallway.”
  • “Mom, the baby got into the sugar container and dumped in all over the floor.”
  • “Looks like we’re out of bread.”
  • “What do you want me to clean up this milk with? I accidentally knocked the carton off the counter.”
  • “Mom, the toilet is clogged again.”

In addition:

  • I have had three solicitors at my front door already.
  • I have had the same harassing phone call that I have been getting multiple times a day for the past week twice already today.
  • I discovered my office day, which was planned for tomorrow, would in fact have to happen today.
  • I had a seller who I was buying a few shirts from cancel when I had already driven to our meeting place.
  • I discovered that one of my kids wet the bed last night and didn’t mention it. I only noticed when I stepped on his wet pajamas that were sitting on his carpeted bedroom floor.
  • Three schoolbooks are MIA.
  • I went to the mailbox to find the urgent envelope I needed mailed out yesterday still there.
  • There were four bills in the same mailbox for me.

It’s only ten. I think I’m raising the white flag for the moment.

Has your day been a train wreck like mine? Please share in the comments – and – let’s find FIVE things to be thankful for. Today I’m thankful for:

  • a home to get messy
  • kids who make my home messy
  • mainly healthy kids
  • a husband who is nearly done with school
  • the rain – it’s better than school

Then, let’s find three things we can do RIGHT NOW to step back and get refreshed. I will:

  • throw on a Little House episode for the kids
  • head to my room to read and/or journal for 30 minutes
  • put on my makeup, perfume, and a cozy sweater, it’s cool here today

Hopefully my crazy day made you smile or even laugh. I really couldn’t make these things up. Then again I don’t need to.

Share about your crazy day, what you are thankful for, and how you are going to change it by changing your perspective. You can also read more about this idea in 3 Things That Can Turn Your Life Around

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