You’ve Got 8 Kids and White Couches?!

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I was so tired of living with ugly living room decor.

Are you sure about this?!

I got this same text or phone call at least five times in one day.

“We’ve got seven kids and two cats, one of which throws up all the time. This makes no sense to me, but if you really want this, then that’s what I’ll get,” said my dear hubby. After 20 years of marriage, I so love this man. Well, not that I didn’t love him prior to that, but you know what I mean.

When my mom saw pictures of what I wanted she said about the same thing. Seven kids. Cats. Four boys. Life. It was all pretty much there.

There were a few other people who also said, “White couches! Are you crazy?!”

white couches

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I was sure. I did my research over a period of many months while I was sitting on duct-taped couches that were far beyond sad.

You may or may not know me as one of the most frugal people around. If this is new to you, trust me, I am one of the most cheap frugal people you will ever meet, which means that I don’t make any purchase, even small ones, without much research and forethought.

Not only did I want one white couch…I wanted three of them. Yes I did.

You may be wondering, as everyone else in my life was, what I could have possibly been thinking?

We ended up buying these couches from IKEA. I do have a deep love for all things IKEA.

The best part about these white couches is that these are actually covered with white slip covers. Slip covers that are washable. Totally washable.

Not even three weeks into owning them, my throwing up cat decided to put this washable thing to the test. Sorry for the graphic picture, but I must show you what I was dealing with.


Now, I will say that I have MASTERED the art of laundry stains. I may have been a bit more reluctant had I not been confident in my stain removal abilities. I have 1,000 laundry tricks up my sleeve because being frugal with now nearly eight kids means that I sometimes buy clothes used, and all clothes most certainly have to be passed from kid, to kid, to kid.

This spot obviously has the very soiled and stained portion, but then there is everything that is part of the stain that you can only see if you look closely. When it was all said and done, this stain was bigger than a large dinner plate.

Three days and a few different laundry tricks later, this is what I had.


Yep, a brand new couch!

Can I just say how much I love my white couches? I can touch them up with some carpet cleaner as needed, and they are like new again!

The truth is, I am a mom with eight kids and two cats who has white couches, and I couldn’t be happier!

I will have to write a post on my laundry tricks, but for right now I can share that these are my biggest secret weapons:

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