Menu Plan 10/30

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weekly menu planAlthough it takes some forethought, menu planning is a huge timer saver each week. It allows me to get started on dinner in the morning if it will be a busy day, or at times I even start dinner the night before. Menu planning doesn’t have to be overwhelming, however. I laid it out very simply in my Menu Planning Part One and Menu Planning Part Two.



Monday: eggs and toast

Tuesday: oatmeal

Wednesday: cereal

Thursday: french toast

Friday: cereal

Saturday: puffed pancake

Sunday: baked oatmeal



Monday: tuna

Tuesday: leftovers

Wednesday: sandwiches

Thursday: banana bread, honeycake, cheese and crackers

Friday: hot dogs

Saturday: tortillas and cheese

Sunday: leftovers



Monday: pork roast, potatoes, steamed carrots

Tuesday: chicken enchiladas and black bean salsa

Wednesday: broccoli cheese soup, french bread

Thursday: burgers and fries

Friday: omelets 

Saturday: homemade pizza

Sunday: soup and grilled cheese

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