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Unique & Personalized Christmas Gifts Made Easy

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Have you been looking for a simple yet unique and personalized gift for your kids to give to a loved one? I created these for myself last year but was asked about them so many times I made them available for others.

Last year I rolled these out much later in the season, and they were a huge hit. This year I wanted to get them out earlier so you’d have more time to plan your gifts for grandparents and parents around them.

With all new questions, these are an amazing gift for the loved ones in your little ones’ lives!

With one for Grandpa, Grandma, Daddy, and Mommy, you can grab one or more for just the perfect loved ones you want to bless.

Here’s what you need to create unique, personalized, and easy Christmas gifts this year!


A downloadable pdf file, simply click to download, print, and then have your child answer the heartfelt questions asked.

Then, frame or use it to create a calendar, book, or other unique keepsake so the special moments shared this year don’t get forgotten.



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