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Reader Question (that means please chime in and help me)

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In working through my weekly spring cleaning project, I am really hesitating on washing the blind in my office. I have the thick wood blinds throughout my home, which I would never do again by the way, and they all need to be cleaned. Again.blinds-340657_1280

At times I give them a quick once over, but this is the time they really need to be thoroughly cleaned. I often tackle a few blinds a week, since I have huge windows and they take forever, just washing them by hand, slat by slat.

One time, I had my husband take them down, all at once, and I took them outside and sprayed them all down while also scrubbing them with some soap and a scrub brush and then hung them to dry.

Both ways equally annoy and overwhelm me and I am undecided of how I want to proceed.

You know that one household chore that you dread? That huge daunting project? This is my blinds.

I have some amazingly smart readers here. If you have wood blinds like this, how do you clean them? 

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  1. I’ve had some suggestions filter in through email rather than in comments. Melanie suggested wearing a sock on my hand to make cleaning the individual slats go faster. That’s what I’m going with on a few. I will report back later. I’m not doing it this weekend, though, we are supposed to have beautiful weather so I will be soaking it all in before we get back to snow next week…

  2. I use Greased Lightning on my Mini Blinds. Let the water run for a minute until it is hot, turn off. Place blinds, one at a time, in the tub and spray all over with Greased Lightning. Then add some hot water just to cover and let sit about fifteen minutes. Give them a wipe down with a sponge or a rage. Then rinse. If you have a hand shower attachment, all the better. I put a towel on the floor and wrap it up. Repeat with each blind, I cleaned all my windows during the process, inside and out. (test the Greased Lightning on a small area of your blinds first). I wear gloves and open the window, you should do the same.

  3. I worked for a cleaning company way back when… Once a year, we would take down everyone’s blinds and drop them in the pool. Now, this was Phoenix, and just about everyone had a pool, but for the few that didn’t we would put them in the bathtub and let them soak for a 20-60 minutes with a dash of ammonia. Then we’d either take them out, or drain the tub, and run a wet rag over them to remove anything that hadn’t soaked off – usually they were pretty darn good after soaking though. Be sure to put them back up and lower them completely while they dry so the strings don’t shrink. One other note, I’d try it with only one to begin with, just in case it changes the color or does some other type if damage, but in the 20+ years I’ve been doing this the only problem I’ve ever had was having the dirt from really, really dirty shades (they were in the house when we moved in) discoloring the strings… Just give them a quick rinse with water to take the transfered dirt out and they should be fine. Sorry this comes so late but hope it helps someone. 🙂

  4. How can I clean dirt and grime off the wood blinds. I can’t soak them in water.
    Any easy suggestions.

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