Thursday’s (or Friday’s) Walk in the Word

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walk in the wordWhoa! Yesterday was such a busy writing day for me I didn’t get the Walk in the Word Up.  Sorry!  I knew it was Thursday, at least most of the day 😉 I will admit I am so focused on the fact that it is going to be 70 degrees here today that I have been a bit distracted. Of course next week there could be some wet snow, because what is Michigan weather but inconsistent, but I am choosing to wipe that out of my mind and drink in the wonderful beauty of today. We are having a sun day!

Decisions. They are be so difficult for even the most wise sage at times. My teen is just getting to the point where she is having to make some rather weighty decisions at times. I am so thankful that she still seeks me out to come alongside her in the decisions she makes. Because I want this to continue, I make myself more than available to help, and I proceed with caution in order to lead her in the best direction. The key here, I find, is really listening to her. I also only brainstorm about whatever her issue is briefly, and I then inform her that I will have to give it some thought and spend time in prayer about it.

In modeling how I would want her to make her own decisions, she jumps right on board without me having to tell her how to best make decisions. The best part, is this verse speaks to the very heart of how we are to make wise decisions. I love when I can point to the One who authored life to offer guidance and wisdom to my kids!

James. It just might be my favorite book of the Bible.  Today’s verse comes from James. I especially like two parts of the verse, the generously part and the without finding fault part.  These are such important parenting concepts for me to apply. I hope that as a parent I can give things generously to my children and without finding fault. To me, this means without holding a grudge or making things conditional. I never want my love, acceptance, or anything I do to seem conditional to my kids.  Anyhow, I pulled this little gem out earlier this week as we were discussing her latest struggle.

Today’s Verse

James 1:5

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be give to you.

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