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Resources We Love – Character

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homeschooling resources, characterI think many parents are interested in reaching the hearts of their children and in shaping their character, homeschooling or not.  This is a vital part of our school day.  There are numerous books and resources out there, I will just share a few of our favorites.  Character training really does happen all the time, in real life, but I have found that kids love having some hands on, fun things to learn with in addition to just using the Bible as a resource.  There are all kinds of new ones coming out all the time and although I do enjoy trying the new ones, I find myself and my kids asking to migrate back to the oldies but goodies.  Of course if you have limited funds, you also want to make sure that you are getting exactly what you are looking for in terms of what you are wanting to address.  Following are some of the ones that we are always coming back to.  My older kids love these so much they don’t even mind going through them again and again as the younger kids get older and get started.  Feel free to share any of your own favorites in the comments or to contact me through the contact form.  Amazon has always been a great resource for me to find supplies, usually for the best price, but feel free to shop around.  Amazon Prime has been worth it for me for years since I order so much.  We now use it for streaming, too, but that is a different post altogether.

This book,Through the Bible with My Child is my favorite resource for Bible reading. It is really cool because there are reading plans to use depending on the pace you want, and there are activities and questions that are appropriate for all ages. This is something we all use together, and all kids benefit in some way.

In terms of character training, we emphasize being a peacemaker. This has been great for that. We have both of these resources, they compliment each other well.The Young Peacemaker (Book Set)

These are especially good for younger kids: Character Builders DVD Set

and so are these books: My Mouth Is a Volcano!, I Just Don’t Like the Sound of No! My Story About Accepting No for an Answer and Disagreeing the Right Way! (Best Me I Can Be),I Just Want to Do It My Way!: My Story About Staying on Task and Asking for Help (Best Me I Can Be!),The Worst Day of My Life Ever! (Best Me I Can Be), Ricky Sticky Fingers, Teamwork Isn’t My Thing, and I Don’t Like to Share! (Best Me I Can Be!), and Tease Monster: A Book About Teasing Vs. Bullying (Building Relationships)

And because I’m big on manners, we use this with younger kids, this is actually really fun, Manners of the Heart at Home

This is an old favorite, too, Wise Words for Moms

I really could go on and on here. There are just so many great things, but I have highlighted our favorites for younger kids.

When kids get older many of these still apply, but we also read books on people who are heroes in our eyes like this Christian Heroes Books 1-5 Gift Set (Christian Heroes: Then & Now) (Displays and Gift Sets), Christian Heroes Books 6-10 Gift Set (Christian Heroes: Then & Now) (Displays and Gift Sets), Christian Heroes Books 11-15 Gift Set (Christian Heroes: Then & Now) (Displays and Gift Sets), Christian Heroes Books 16-20 Gift Set (Christian Heroes: Then & Now), Christian Heroes Book 21-25 Gift Set (Christian Heroes: Then & Now), and Christian Heroes Books 26-30 Gift Set (Christian Heroes: Then & Now)

This is something we often read from at night as part of devotions The Children’s Book of Virtues, The Book of Virtues for Young People: A Treasury of Great Moral Stories, and The Book of Virtues

Hopefully you are not too overwhelmed by this, but in talking to moms who are thinking of homeschooling, the resources we use are among the most common questions, and starting on character training with young ones seems to top the list.

If you want more information on any of them, feel free to use the contact me form and I will answer whatever questions I can that you may have.

You really can do it, just start with a few things and jump in with both feet!


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