Seasonal Clothes Storage Tips and Tricks YOU Want to Know

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Seasonal clothes storage.

These may be the words I loathe the most when paired together. Clothes storage, when you experience all four seasons and have seven kids can be a nightmare! If you hate it as much as I do, maybe at least a good system will help, and after years of trying it different ways, I have finally developed a system that works the best it can for me. I’m excited to share it with you in hopes that it will help.

Here’s the seasonal clothing tips & tricks you want to know!


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My clothes are stored in a tiny area on the sides of the bedroom we have over the garage. It is accessed through small doors that are basically the size to fit a storage tub in and out, and that’s it, see?

clothes storage

For this reason, my storage nightmare is only intensified. Someday I dream of having closets that are big enough to keep everyone’s clothes in them, just rotating as needed. A girl can dream, right?!

So, on with my system.

First I should tell you that I handle one gender only at a time.

I have three girls and four boys. For whatever reason I always tackle my girls first. Maybe it is because I have less of them, but it could also be because they are more cooperative than my boys tend to be.

Second, I only handle one child at a time.

So as I move through these steps, know that this series of steps is followed through with only one kid at a time. I have found that if I try to handle more, things get overwhelming and mixed around, which only creates more work and usually a migraine.

Here are the steps I follow:

1. Take all the previous season clothes out of drawers and closets, or wherever you keep them.

2. Next, we determine what will fit again the following season.

Sometimes this requires trying things on and other times we just know what will fit. This means that when we are done with this step, the clothes will be sorted into two different piles, clothes that will be used next time this season rolls around (in this case spring/summer), and what will not fit for the next time that season arrives. Everything in each of these piles is then folded and then ready for the next step.

For me, it works best to put the clothes that will be worn the next time this season arrives (spring/summer in this case) in the most out of the way place in their closet. This is a high shelf for me since all of our closets have extensive closet storage.

clothes storage

In my life, closet shelving has always been worth the money we spend. I am all about being frugal, but it has always paid off for me to have a closet person actually come and design my shelving according how to squeeze every last square inch out of each closet that I can. I am all about DIY and doing things as economically as possible, but custom designed closets are worth the money we have invested every time.

3. The clothes that will not fit are ready to be stored so they are put in piles according to size around the perimeter of the room that I am working in with the bins.

clothes storage

Again, this is the room over the garage for me. So I have them all folded and sorted according to size.

At this point, all drawers and closets are empty for this first child, minus a couple of things that are still left in case we have unseasonably warm days in the case of fall as it is now.

clothes storage

Now, I am ready to move on to my next daughter and repeat these steps from emptying out to creating my piles for storage.

4. When I have all of my girls with empty drawers, clothes that will still fit loaded up high into their closets, and piles that are ready for bins, I get the bins of their “new” clothes out.

The clothes for the upcoming season, which I know will fit because we followed this same “trying on” process when we loaded up the bins this spring as we put away our winter things, everything just goes into the drawers and the closet. It goes super quick because of the time I spent on it in the spring.

This is why I love this method. I much prefer to have the clothes ready to go for the new season than I do having to fuss with it all before I can even put them away.

5. This step is repeated for all three girls.

At this point, I am then left with girls who have all their clothes ready to go and bins that are ready to be filled.

The reason I do it this way, working with all of the same gender and just creating the piles rather than loading up the bins as I go, is because I am forever rearranging my bins as things going in and coming out changes how I have them labeled.

For instance, as I take all of the 7/8s out for my daughter now, that bin will be empty, but the stuff I have in 6x summer won’t fit into the bin with my size 6 stuff. For this reason, my bin that previously had 7/8 winter in it (which I just put away for her) will now have 6x summer stuff in it. Does this make sense? I hope so.

Although I will never enjoy switching out clothes for the season, I have finally found the most efficient way to handle it, which has made the job easier. Hopefully you have found some tips that will help you keep your sanity when it comes to switching out the clothes for the seasons in your home, too.

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