Ten Simple Tips to Save Your Family Money

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money saving tips
These days it seems that everyone is needing to save money. Expenses are high for many, and every little bit counts. With a large family to care for, I have had to get a bit creative in making ends meet. I am no stranger to being a smart shopper and savvy saver, but since we are in another season of financial strain, I have had to dig even deeper.

Often, saving money is a trade off for your time. Whether we are making things from scratch, keeping better track of energy usage, or changing the way we shop, making some basic changes doesn’t have to be difficult.

  • After reading that the dryer is your most expensive appliance to run, I decided that I would not use it during the winter season.  I already dry much of our clothing outside during the summer, but then during the winter I run the dryer.  So, I bought a large drying rack for inside.  I keep it in my bath/laundry area and while it is a pain to have around all the time, I have adjusted.  I also have a shower curtain bar over my laundry sink, so that is where I hang all shirts, sweatshirts, sweaters, pjs, and thinner pants.  Longer pants get hung on my indoor clothesline, and onesies and underwear get hung on my towel bars that swivel away from the wall in the laundry area.  When I got my gas bill it was almost $50 less than it had been during the same time period last year.  Anxious to get my next bill, it should be soon.  See *here*
  • hang curtains in general, but especially thermal curtains.  It makes a huge difference in keeping drafts and heat out.
  • make everything from scratch that you possibly can, like *here* or *here*
  • obviously sales and coupons, more on this later
  • keep heat and air turned down, way down
  • make your own cleaning supplies, such as *here* *this*, too
  • vinegar is amazing for so many things…I will share some ways I use it down the road, but you can google it for yourself
  • seems basic, but turn off lights
  • with kids in the house, water down shampoo and conditioner to help it stretch further
  • buy used on whatever you can…even clothes for yourself!

You will find that starting small and doing several of these things at once really does add up.  Every little bit counts for me, and maybe it does for you, too.  Start small, with only one item at times, and then let me know how all the savings are making a difference in your life.

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